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Internal hemorrhoids symptoms similar to the diseases

Posted May 07 2013 5:57am
  Internal hemorrhoids symptoms similar to the diseases
  Anorectal disease, hemorrhoids in the anal tooth above the, no anal skin covered by submucosal hemorrhoid venous plexus expand varicose formed soft bolus. Less internal hemorrhoids symptoms and most of anorectal disease will be somewhat similar to the the intestinal intestinal specialist for details, cheap christian louboutin online  internal hemorrhoids symptoms similar to the common anorectal diseases often confusing.
  Anal papilla hypertrophy
  The anal papillae mast hyperplasia from the anal papilla chronic inflammation. Anal papilla is located in the tooth line, hard-shaped, milky white. Dry hard fecal material through the anal canal often injured, abrasions after bacterial invasion, inflammatory edema,  cheap louboutin outlet   recurrent infections, fibrous tissue, the nipple increases mast nipple, defecation anus and internal hemorrhoids symptoms are common The point is also blood in the stool.
  Anal fissure
  The symptoms of internal hemorrhoids is painless rectal bleeding, anal fissure less blood in the stool, hemorrhoids anal pain during defecation law, ie defecation anal tearing pain,  christian louboutin pumps online   and after a slight short-term relief, and then severe pain often last for several hours before remission. Therefore, blood in the stool with pain the differential point as hemorrhoids. Local examination, to see anal before the middle or the middle of a fresh or stale ulcers, which is the basis for the diagnosis of anal fissure.
  Rectal polyps
  Rectal polyps are more common in children, polyps can be single or multiple, when they easy bleeding, the rectum low polyps outside the anus with defecation, was purple,  red bottom shoes on sale   hard, smooth surface, some mucosal erosion, bleeding. Multiple polyps may have different sizes, attached to the lining of the rectum wall, it is not difficult to identify with the symptoms of internal hemorrhoids.
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