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Intermediate Pilates - Class #1

Posted Jan 07 2009 5:13pm
So one of the first questions I asked my doctor after finding out we were expecting was whether or not I could continue with Pilates. She answered with a resounding "Of course!" Phew - considering my next two sessions of Pilates begin this week (prepaid and everything) I was glad to hear I could continue.

We had a good discussion about it and basically our conclusion was:
  • Pilates is safe to continue during pregnancy, as long as I listen carefully to my body and don't push myself too hard
  • I'll need to continue for only as long as is comfortable and practical and that as my belly grows, there will be postures and positions that become impossible to do
  • Pilates can be very beneficial for keeping my abdominal, back and pelvic floor muscles strong for the pregnancy and birth

I had my first class this morning and discussed everything with my instructor for this session. Aside from being very excited, she was very positive about me continuing and explained that some apparatus will become tough after awhile, but that many things like the chair and the cadillac and even many of the basic postures are possible and can offer some great exercises even when your belly is bigger. She also said that she might be able to start a specific Pilates for Preggos class this spring since she has three clients now who are all preggers. She even has an instructor who is pregnant herself!

Anyhow, since my tummy is feeling unsettled these days, I was a little unsure how I would feel working out today. I made sure I ate lots of full-food (i.e. food that keeps me full for awhile) before I left and hoped for the best. As with running, no matter how icky I feel beforehand, I ended up feeling great once I got started. Hmm, maybe there's something to this whole exercising while you're pregnant thing.

This class is now an Intermediate one and since I only did Pilates for about 5 months last year I was hoping I could keep up. It was fine. Although I'm not the most graceful, it definitely was well within my ability level. I think what would help me the most would be a cheat sheet of the poses so that when each one is announced I can remember what I'm supposed to do! Does something like that exist?

I also had physio today and while I was there one of the other patients was talking about Pilates. After my success with it, my Physiotherapist recommended my studio to one of her other patients and this woman was talking today about wonderful it's been and how much she's enjoying it. I was glad to hear that, I think my studio is great too and it's nice to see some crossover between them and physio etc. My instructor also just signed up for a Running Room running clinic and is going to be presenting at each clinic about Pilates and cross training - cool!

Okay, that's about all for now. Momma needs to go eat. Thanks to everyone for the well-wishes, we're very excited about this little Christmas gift and can't wait to see what pregnancy and everything after brings!

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