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Interesting though troubling statistic...

Posted Mar 18 2010 1:35pm
There has been a statistic floating around the worlds of Medicine and Pharmacy for a long time that has always bothered me - I wonder what your take is?!
The statistic is that 50% of the prescriptions written in the U.S. are never filled. That's right, 1:2 prescriptions written by a prescriber are NEVER filled! I've often wondered why this is...
Lately, it has occurred to me that one reason behind this lack of follow through may be a spiritual issue. That is, when one is not connected well to a person i.e., in this case usually a physician) then there is no faith or trust - no shared agency. The current healthcare structure only allows about 7 minutes with a prescriber once or twice a year - there is no possible way to develop a relationship and/or trust in that amount of time.
I wonder what your reaction is to this? Have you ever not filled a prescription, and if so, what caused you to not fill it?
I look forward to our discernment!

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