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Intentions for 2013

Posted Jan 02 2013 4:44pm

Happy New Year, friends!

It’s been a while huh? Well my family and I had a wonderful couple of weeks together! Lots of eating, playing, shopping and TV watching. We got into Breaking Bad over the holiday and Mike and I are HOOKED! We are half way through season 3 and I look forward to catching up!

Over the holidays we eat more than usual and exercise less than usual. I just want you guys to know that you shouldn’t beat yourselves up. “Tomorrow is another day” or “Dinner is another meal.” is a good motto. Of course, don’t abuse it or confuse it with “I’ll start Monday.” Being able to enjoy your self and move on from it is a powerful thing. It is important to recognize it and be okay with it. Start at your next meal with clean eating. Have a dialogue with your body, A kind one even if you’re not putting the best things in it—food for your soul is something we all need time to time!

One of my favorite things about yoga is setting an intention in the beginning of class. Whenever things get tough I reflect back on that intention and it helps get me through those more challenging asanas. I took that with me off the the mat over the holidays.


( all natural red velvet cupcakes )

My intention was to be present not miss a moment with my family. Enjoy good food, and bake my heart out and enjoy what I was making for my family without beating myself up about sugar or calories. I am fully aware of how sugar makes me feel. How tight my muscles were going to be and how much my skin would probably freak out. But I was okay with it. Just be okay with your decisions and move on from it. I know that how I was eating at meals was still (sometimes) on point. I know that I will still get to the gym and that come January 2nd (aside from leftover natural cheesecake-recipe soon!-in the fridge) that would not be my constant. I don’t bake 200 cookies every day and test a few. I don’t like how I feel after just two days of eating actually motivates me even MORE to put the best, wholesome, most nutrient-dense foods in my body!I probably gained a little weight, in fact, I know my pants are tighter  and my stomach is 3x the size Winking smile but I am okay with it for now because I know I will work hard to be where I need to be.


Weezy loved helping me bake. I made an organic, no refined sugar vanilla bean cheesecake with a raw pecan almond crust…so amazing!



If I had to pick three words for my intentions for 2013 they would be:



and confidence.

Fear-I often go through life scared of new  things. It’s when I challenge myself or go out of my comfort zone that I really feel alive. Yoga teacher training has been one of my best decisions in 2012. Even though I am a fitness professional, this was something new and different and challenging, not only physically but emotionally, that I probably wouldn’t have tried 4 years ago.

Acceptance—I need to accept myself for who I am. When you accept yourself, and are okay with it instead of constantly criticizing and looking for things to change. We all have room to grow, but what does that even mean if we don’t already accept who we are?

Confidence. I have it to an extent, but have always struggled with this one. It’s about making a decision and sticking with it. Holding your head up and believing in your abilities.

If I had to add a fourth it would definitely be to be more present. It should be first on the list, but I think being present could relate to any of those three in one way or another.

I hope you all had a lovely holiday! If you had to choose an intention for 2013 what would it be?

Talk Soon,


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