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IntenSati at Work

Posted Jan 23 2013 12:54pm

Last week I taught intenSati at work for the first time. I was originally supposed to hold my class in November but it was a busy day for everyone so we decided to wait until after the holiday madness. I’m kind of glad the class was postponed because I was super nervous back in November. People at work that do not sit near me think I am this quiet, shy girl. The thought of getting up in front of high-level executives freaked me out a little bit. By January, so much time had passed that my fear of yelling affirmations in front of coworkers was gone and I was ready to teach.

The idea for me to teach intenSati at work was suggested several months ago by my boss. We have a Social Committee at work that plans events such as happy hours, yoga classes, and even a carnival!

Yes, this did happen at my job.

When my boss asked me if I would teach at work, I said yes immediately. While the thought of speaking, yelling, and dancing in front of my coworkers seemed super scary, I knew it would on help me grow and conquer my public speaking fear.

We have classrooms in our office building so the space in which I taught was perfect.  I brought my speaker system and hoped that my coworkers were down with my electronic dance music playlist! I ended up teaching just 3 people, but this was perfect for my first class.  I did not feel nervous with just a few students and we had a great time dancing around.  We were all drenched afterwards! Other people walking by my class probably thought we were insane yelling things like, “I am powerful now!” Or maybe they were just jealous that we were happy, sweaty people at work.

I walked into the office the following day and my coworkers told me they were super sore! This made me feel awesome of course. I also got an email saying that there had been great feedback from my class and I was asked if I’d be willing to teach again! Of course I said yes! The class will probably be next month.

I feel like every office should have some sort of exercise program or corporate gym discount. After sitting at a desk for 8 hours and hunching over all day, it feels awesome to sweat, dance around, and yell positive affirmations. I look forward to teaching at work again soon!


I will be teaching a free intenSati class tonight at 6:30pm in Queens. Email me for details!

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