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Instacleanse: Bless & Unfollow

Posted Mar 09 2013 7:00am

Every Friday, I scan through my Instagram feed and do what I like to call an “Instacleanse.” Honestly, I don’t go through my Instagram feed every day. I love social media but try not to become consumed with it because I can allow it to put a dent in the flow of whatever I’m creating that day. I’m still working on creating balance there.

Anyways, every Friday, I “Instacleanse.” I go through my feed and unfollow anyone who is not serving me. It’s mostly people who are posting body shots. No, not pics of people licking vodka-infused jello off people’s belly buttons. ;-) I’m talking about the peeps who post their progress pictures. While I appreciate, love, and live by the idea of using exercise as a vehicle to become stronger and increase longevity, I don’t appreciate body obsession. I’ve been there and done that. Over it.

It’s hard because, sometimes, that means unfollowing people who I have become close with over the Interweb. But I gotta honor myself first. And simply put, it’s a trigger. Would a drug addict follow people who were constantly posting pictures of them smoking weed or snorting cocaine? Would an alcoholic follow people who were constantly posting pictures of them out for drinks with friends? It’s the same thing. 

So, when I see someone who is posting progress pictures, someone who is posting their calories burned on their workout, or someone who is clearly obsessed with their portion sizes/macronutrient intake, I do two things: bless and unfollow. I take a deep breath, send them some love, and then unfollow them. 


When I see those pictures, it literally takes one second for my ego to hook me in and cause me to lose sight of my body’s true purpose. I am not here to be perfect. I am here to be real. I am here to honor my body’s true purpose: to be a messenger of love. When we are real, people fall in love with us. When we are real, we are true to ourselves and we clear the crap out of our lives, which opens up space to really achieve what we want.

Yes, even something as simple as an Instacleanse can do this for us. Everything carries energy behind it. Here – let’s experiment. Go through your feed right now. Yes – now! When you see a picture, ask yourself this question, “Do I feel clogged or do I feel cleansed?” If you’re cleanased, then you’re inspired and that’s awesome. If you’re clogged, that’s a sure sign that your ego is in the driver’s seat and that account is not serving you.

Bless and unfollow.

Take this seriously! Only choose to welcome things into your life that align with your Highest Self (i.e. your internal teacher). You’re here to inspire, love, grow, and connect. Don’t let anything hold you back from that.

Do you Instacleanse? 

Stay lovely,

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