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Inspiring Women To Be Money Confident

Posted Jan 24 2010 9:22pm

Times have certainly changed for women in today's world, but there is certainly still a long way to go when it comes to women feeling fully financially confident.  A recent survey by ANZ Bank has found that less than one third of women said they were very confident about managing everyday finances and 1 in 3 women believe they wouldn’t last longer than a month if they lost their job tomorrow.  I think this is such a shame for women in general, as it can prevent us from achieving dreams and goals that may require financial input.  That's why when I found out about ANZ's Febusave which is encouraging Australian women to start 'paying' themselves more by saving money and becoming more confident with their finances, I thought it was a fantastic thing to blog about.  Febusave is all about helping women to find ways they can start to develop sound financial habits and begin saving regularly - whether that be for a 'rainy day' or something significant in their life such as a home, establishment of a business or an overseas trip.  Having greater money confidence is also going to assist women to feel more confident in general and you all know that I'm all for anything that develops our esteem and confidence.   

Sometimes when we think about saving money, I think it can feel really overwhelming.  The economy has really been up and down of late and not everyone is feeling stable when it comes to finances.  I think it's a great thing to dream big, but think small, in these circumstances, thinking small all being about the little decisions we can make everyday that we might not think will add up to alot of savings, but in fact, over a long time, certainly will.  Some of my best money saving tips are -

- Be wary of purchasing beauty or personal care products that are really expensive.  Could you get the same result from a cheaper option?  Many times I think you can, especially when it comes to things like soap, most which contain very similar ingredients.

- Turn electrical appliances off at the power point when they are not in use.  This can reduce your energy bills significantly.

- Take your lunch from home to work instead of buying a $7.00 sandwich and $3.00 coffee.  That's a HUGE saving over a year.

- Consider entertaining and cooking at home more rather than going out to pricey restaurants.  I can't promise you what your cooking will be like, but I'm sure the service will be fabulous!

If you are one of the many women that feels you are living from pay to pay and don't feel fully confident with your money managing skills, Febusave is a great way for you to get some online and community support to help you with your finances.  There are lots of great tips there as to how you can become more financially empowered all it's all taking place next month.

I have joined the Febusave community to kickstart for me an intense savings plan that I hope will see my husband and I go on a trip to New York in October.  Mad Men is set in New York so I have that to further thank for the inspiration.  Thank goodness though, unlike Mad Men's main female character, Betty Draper, I know my way around a bank statement to ensure my finances are heading in the right direction!

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