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Inspiration from friends

Posted Jan 01 2010 12:00am

Hello friends,

Glad to see that everyone is enjoying our raw lasagna recipe :) It is a lot of fun to make and easy to once you got all your layers ready to go!  It makes us so happy to hear that many of you would like to try raw lasagna!!! :)

And we are happy to hear we have inspired some of you to make fermented veggies like our friend Elena.

Re-cap of our eats from Monday!

Our day started with our morning workout!

Followed by a delicious green smoothie of green kale and apples Jan 2010 pics more 331

Due to having a colonic we did not really have lunch.

But after our colonic we were starving so we made kefir mint kale shake

Jan 2010 pics more 355

And we hand a new snack, we dehydrated our leftover butternut squash strips leftover from our raw lasagna

Jan 2010 pics more 354 They were a little weird at first, but we kept eating them and ended up really liking them. We can see this as a new snack in the near future :)

Jan 2010 pics more 350 Just coated them with olive oil and spices then dehydrated them overnight. Give it a try and let us know what you think.

Later on we were still hungry so we had ourselves our leftover beet cheese spread from the raw lasagna with 2 slices of our raw onion flatbread

Jan 2010 pics more 365YUMMY!!! Great way to use leftover spreads…perfect companions ; )

Jan 2010 pics more 368 Then for our raw dessert we created something fun.

Pure2raw Cookies-n-Cream Mush

Jan 2010 pics more 372

What is it?

Jan 2010 pics more 371 A blend of coconut flakes, coconut oil, and crumbled in our Pure2Raw Brownie Bites. PERFECTION!!

I know these lovely ladies, Averie and Katie, love some raw brownie bites.

Jan 2010 pics more 370

Great way to end a Monday!!

Now for some of our newest readers welcome! Many of you have requested about the raw nut free coconut yogurt that you have been seeing a lot lately, well we have shown how we make that a few times on our blog!

Here are the links:

First time Michelle made raw yogurt at 105 degrees and fell in love with it!

Second time we tried to re-create the yogurt but with out using nuts (remember we like to use the least amount of nuts if possible)

Third time we just keep on trying to make a different version of the yogurt.

As you can tell we love our homemade coconut based raw yogurt! :) Though you have to be willing to open a lot of coconuts!!! But promise it is well worth it!

Although another time we made nut free  raw seed pulp yogurt we were inspired first my Gena’s sesame milk, and we used the pulp to make yogurt.

Okay time to get back in the kitchen. We have been making some new recipes ; )

Till next time,


The Twins


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