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Insomnia--I Take Zero Responsibility for the Content of This Post

Posted Dec 08 2013 3:13am
Hi from planet earth--it's 1:50am and I'm STILL AWAKE. I've never had insomnia. In fact, I'm more of a narcoleptic than an insomniac any day of the week and twice on Tuesday. 

So, WHY, in the name of everything good in this world, can I NOT sleep? I'm blaming pain killers. I had some surgery a couple weeks ago and now that I'm off those retched things I can't sleep. Let's keep score... how many times does she write "can't/cannot sleep" in one little post. Bet the house, folks.

This is great news for AHL, however. Because now there's going to be a current post. Albeit, terrible, but still current. Let's take this time to race recap life in my corner of the world... blogs are really self-absorbed, by the way. I know, I'm quick. 

Berlin Marathon 2013 Race Recap Lowlights:
1. I got sick with a cold that turned to pneumonia the Wednesday before the race. 
2. I picked up my packet on Thursday and immediately cried inside when I was placed in corral H--the very last corral. Why this bothered me, I have no idea. I'm ridiculous sometimes.
3. p.s. There were 40,000 runners registered... and over half were assigned corral H. Again, I'm ridiculous.
4. The race began, I felt ok. The first 13.1 were nothing spectacular but I was on point to come in sub-4:30, which at the time felt freight train fast. 
5. And then 13.2 hit. Actually, I started to feel sick to my tum tum around mile 8. Miles 5-10 are usually my favorite... 
6. Aside from pooping my pants, fainting, or breaking a bone I pretty much experienced every other icky marathon problem the latter half of Berlin. Nausea, zero desire to eat anything due to said nausea, cramps in my calves, wheezing, a garmin that was inaccurate by 2.5 miles (read-MILES) so when 26.2 hit I still had 2.5 miles to go (worst. ever.) and so on and so on. 
7. But, I finished. And that, my friends, is the one highlight of Berlin 2013. I believe my time was 5:17:34 but I could be wrong. That's a long flippin flapjack time to be "running." 

So, yeah. There's that. 

I haven't done much (read-zero) running since the marathon. But, I have a half in March so there will be training in my near future. I think I'm excited?

p.s. I can't sleep still.

Hugs and love, Steffi
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