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[Insert Clever Title Here]

Posted Nov 04 2009 10:03pm
Hey guys,

I'm pretty exhausted and way ready to go to bed! Definitely too tired to think of a cute title--believe me, I tried. I hope your week has been going well--Friday's just about here! I know I'm excited :D

I got a 44/50 on my muscle lab practical, which is an 88% and pretty good for that kind of test! It's super scary cause you walk around the room with a clipboard and piece of paper with 50 lines on it. You only have 1 minute at each station, where you have to answer 2 questions. They're either identification questions with a plastic model/computer image/real cadaver, origin/action/insertion questions or problems. You don't get any sort of answer bank, except for a handful of multiple choice questions for word problems. So it's pretty nerve-wracking!

I knew all the cadaver images, but there were a lot of plastic models that didn't look like the real thing and tripped me up a bit. Funny story, though--so we had some identification questions using an actual cadaver. They were pretty tricky muscles--one was in the arm, and there are a bazillion arm muscles. Same with the neck! We went around the room once, and then the instructor said we could put on gloves if we wanted to touch the cadaver. Well, I certainly didn't want to touch it! But I couldn't really be sure which muscle was which just by looking.

***WARNING: I just remembered this is technically a food blog, even though I just treat it as a "life" blog. Um, if you're eating, have a weak stomach, get grossed out easily, or don't want to read about a cadaver-- skip this part! Haha***

Soooo, I sucked it up and put on the gloves. There was this muscle in the leg that was tripping me up, so I was trying to identify the surrounding muscles like the gracilis. It was totally gross, and smelled so bad, but I wanted to do the best I could to figure it out. So then I take my hand away to write down an answer, but I see that there's cadaver juice on the fingers my gloves!! Eeeewwww!! I realllllly didn't want to get it all over the clipboard and pencil. So I'm looking at my clipboard and pencil, and looking at my gloves, and looking at my pencil, and looking at my gloves. The instructor noticed and started laughing. He was like, "you can get it on the clipboard, I don't care." Haha

You can bet that right I turned in my sheet and took the gloves off, the pencil went in the trash with 'em! No amount of soap and water could make that pencil "clean" in my mind ;)

***Alright guys, the gross part is over! You can read now ;)***

I also had that harp masterclass today. I ended up deciding not to play. I was going back and forth if I wanted to play or not, and I just didn't feel all that ready. Plus, a lot of other people did want to play, and who am I to deny them their chance? ;) The class was longgggg, and someone had the bright idea to bring 10 elementary school kids to that 3 hour class. Um, bad idea. I was getting restless, so you can just imagine how they were! I'm glad I didn't play. I thought I might regret it, but I totally don't :)

Now for the food!

Honeycrisp Apple Oats:

The little white specks in there are from using a little bit of vanilla protein powder. It was good!

Fall Cereal mix:

Kashi puffed cereal, Kix, pretzels, unsweetened vanilla almond breeze, vanilla protein powder, stevia, cinnamon, and candy corn. As you can tell, I like things simple. Or not ;)Yogurt mix with this cappuccino protein powder, cinnamon, and stevia:

Two ways. Slightly frozen:

And unfrozen:

I love freezing it because it's like froyo, only I feel better about eating a lot of it ;)

Ready to be packed for school:

I sometimes buy salads at school when my backpack is just too heavy or full to add a ton more food. I don't like the dressing choices they have there (Kraft ranch, italian, thousand island) so I bring my own in a little condiment container I got from

Then I put the container in a plastic bag to be safe. It's worked pretty well so far! But I do like the salads I make at home better:

Dr. Praeger's tex mex veggie burger this time. It's slightly spicier than the california one, and I really like it!

And my fave popcorn combo:

Remember how I don't do simple combos? Yea, this has popcorn air-popped in my microwave, kashi puffed rice cereal, a crumbled kamut puff cake (like a rice cake but better!), and pretzels. Made sweet n' salty by adding stevia, salt, cinnamon, and a dash of pumpkin pie spice. Perfect!

Oh, I also found out that I aced my psychology exam I took Monday. Like, total ace: 40/40. I was pretty surprised! There were about 3 questions I wasn't sure on. I really like that class though, and the teacher is hilarious. I guess the information has been sinking in -- this morning when I was talking to my mom about whether or not to play in the masterclass, I told her I had a total approach-avoidance conflict and I was vacillating;)

Q: Do you prefer simple food combos or those with more ingredients?

As you can see, I tend to lean towards the more ingredient combos. With that said, simple combos can be great, too! For example, a simple banana + nut butter is way high on the tasty meter. What about you?
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