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Insert Clever Title Here

Posted Mar 08 2011 8:32am
Good morning friends! So all in all I had a pretty boring Monday, so no clever blog title today. The ex-boy and I had a phone date to discuss our possible future, but that ended badly. He of course couldn't get out of his own way and had to continue being a stubborn jackass, thus ruining any possible chance he had of redeeming himself. I firmly believe that everyone deserves second chances, but I have given him way more than two already. It's about time I just move on and find someone who is right for me. And there ends my rant.

Lunch was a chipotle chicken hot pressed sandwich from Roly Poly. If you work in the financial district/downtown area, you really must try this place. It's small and out of the way, but the food is awesome...and they always play the best music.

Dessert was a stop over at the 'Bucks. I ordered my usual caramel macchiato and decided to splurge and get a petite vanilla bean scone.

They aren't lying when they call it petite. It's really only 3 steph-sized bites. It was really good though and satisfied my sweet craving. You want to hear something amazing? Earth shattering? An oh my god moment? Up until this scone...I hadn't had a sweet treat (besides a couple of lollipops) in over a week. That's right. No cookies, no cake, no pie, no candy. I know I know. It's amazing I'm still alive.

For dinner I had a few crackers and strawberries before I left the house because I knew there was going to be copious amounts of food at my book club meeting...and sure enough, there was. I know you're nerd radar is going off the chart right now, but I love to read. This month's book was actually one of my suggestions (I love to toot my own horn). The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks by Rebecca Skloot.

I definitely think this book would be more interesting to women than to men, but I personally thought it was excellent. Henrietta Lacks died of cancer back in the 1950's, but not before her doctor took a sample of her cells. These cells became the first "immortal" cells, and reproduced at a shocking rate. It was the research done on these cells that produced the cure for many diseases, and is still one of the most widely used cell samples used in medical research today. The book is the story of Henrietta's life, and the lives of her remaining family.

I really enjoy my book club. It's nice to be able to get my nerd on with other like minded it forces me to read books I wouldn't normally read since we take turns suggesting books.

Anyone else have a more exciting Monday? Have you ever thought about joining a book club?

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