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ins and outs of proper food combining + how it could save your life

Posted Mar 20 2013 10:11pm

“It’s a bird!” “It’s a plane!” “Nooooo, it’s proper food combining!” ……OK- so you may want to disregard that lame joke pretty immediately, but pleaaase read on ;-)

proper food combining could be our answer to digestion ailments, weight problems, and long term life expectancy.

Let’s take this in baby steps.

You know how they all say “you are what you eat”? Well—that’s only half the story. You are what you eat, yes; but You are what you digest. You are what you assimilate. You are what you absorb.

No matter how many green juices or kale chips you are eating, if they are not being properly digested, you are almost taking a bit of a step in the wrong direction. And we do not want that now, do we!? Half of America is suffering from bloated bellies, acid reflux, constipation, diarrhea, candida, yeast infections, parasites, and the ailments and diseases that are just a result of not having properly working insides. So why aren’t they working you ask? Because we have been given antibiotics that have stripped all of the friendly bacteria out of our bodies, then we have eaten processed junk that has snuck into our bloodstream, and we have beaten ourselves up mentally for one thing or another- all of which wreak havoc in our guts.

So, to make everything work properly once again, we have some options. One of which is proper food combining. (++++ supplementing with probiotics and probiotic-rich foods!!!!) What is proper food combining? Glad you asked, my dear ;-)

(remember: nobody is perfect. these guidelines are not all or nothing. the better followed, the better. I can tell you for me- I WANT to follow them because they have helped me so much. bye bye stomach bloating, cramping, and pain!)

PRINCIPLE 1: Fruit is eaten alone. End of story. Fruit has a very small transit time in the stomach, about 30 minutes. When eaten first thing in the morning, or on an empty stomach, fruit is taken right into the bloodstream and is digested right away; no problems. When we eat fruit after a large meal, it has a delayed digestion time. It gets stuck behind all of the other food that’s being digested and starts to ferment in our guts; and not the good ferments like in our kombucha ;-) I know we were told for so many years that fruit is a healthy dessert, but this is really only the case if the previous meal was 2 or 3 hours before dessert. Try my zucchini chocolate pudding instead!

PRINCIPLE 2: Protein and Starches are kept in separate meals. If you eat proteins and starches together, their enzymes tend to neutralize each other and inhibit digestion. Try protein with non-starchy vegetables like lettuce, kale, broccoli, cauliflower, celery, beets, yellow squash-among others. Add an egg or some wild alaskan salmon to any of my vegetable dishes or try my turmeric egg kale salad.  

PRINCIPLE 3: Eat Starchy Vegetables or gluten-free Grains with non starchy vegetables. Try my butternut squash salad to make this principle come alive!!

I know this totally goes against the meatballs and spaghetti, black beans and rice, and turkey sandwich gig- but these old traditions were practiced by our ancestors who had stomachs like brick walls; they were made up of healthy inner ecosystems. For us, the introduction of antibiotics, pasteurization and processed foods, along with a lifestyle of constant stress, has damaged our inner ecosystems.

But, we can do this to help ourselves out.

This is just one of the handy little techniques I have used for a bloat and gas free digestion, a flatter tummy, and it is essentially how I healed my gut.

The Body Ecology website has loads more information for you, if you want to investigate further.

Here’s to reconnecting once again and staying in tune with our own bodies; the only thing we truly have.

And please please please, don’t freak out about these guidelines! Because they’re just that: guidelines. Try them and if you are pleased- AMAZING. If they don’t feel right to you, if somewhere in your body, in your soul, you know these principles don’t apply to you, please disregard this whole post :-) We’re all so different!

This chart can help you further :-)



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