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Inner Spring Cleaning

Posted Apr 18 2014 8:40am

Are there certain doors in your life that you want to close?

Are there certain doors in your life that you want to open?

I’ve been pondering these two questions this week. Energetically speaking, it’s a really good time to spring clean your own life and determine what you want to leave behind and what you want to crack open for yourself.

This week, certain aspects of my life that I’m not really vibing with anymore came up to greet me – REALLY loudly. Whenever you claim a big “YES!” in your life, all of your old no’s will come up to greet you. And it can be really overwhelming. It was for me. Everything in my life that was no longer aligned with my true self was staring me right between the eyes. And it was saying, “Come on, girl. We’ve got work to do!” You know how, sometimes, you can just put things on the back-burner? It never works out well…but you can do it. I now feel as though I have no choice anymore. That the anxiety that comes from not listening is just far too great to ignore now. I choose to walk my talk every day. But we procrastinate on some things, you know? I feel like I have no choice in the matter anymore. It’s dive in or sink fast.

Earlier this week, I felt like I was in a club trying to talk with my girlfriend, but I couldn’t hear her because the music was too loud. My girlfriend was my inner guide’s thoughts. The music was my ego, blatant and overbearing.

spring cleaning










So, I got out my notebook and I made lists. Because that’s how I do. Here’s a couple of nuggets that I dug up:


  • Sacrificing self-care for work
  • Believing that work is my purpose
  • Saying “yes” to my family just because they’re my family
  • Letting my sensitivity overpower my life’s experience

Self-care (receiving) is just as important as work (giving). And it’s not noble to sacrifice self-care for work; it’s actually self-abuse. Work is an extension of my purpose, which is to nurture. I know that’s what I’m here to do. I’m here to nurture; and I can do that anytime and anywhere. I am super duper sensitive to energy (everyone is, by the way). I want to become more conscious of using my tools to protect my energy field every day.


  • Public speaking tour (stay tuned!)
  • More time for self-reflection
  • Fine-tuning my psychic capacity

There is a strong desire within me to travel and speak, preferably both at the same time. Kasey and I have something brewing for you there, that you’re going to flip over! I’ve been distancing myself from journaling lately, and I want to create more space in my day for that self-reflection. I cherish it. And with SoMM , I want to dive in fully. I want to embrace and fine-tune my psychic abilities and dive deeper into working with my chakras.

This is a great period of transition for all of us. How about you Spring Clean too? Make those lists. What are you willing to close? What are you willing to open? If you choose to embrace it and understand which doors you want to close and which doors you want to open, then you’ll soar. If you choose to cover your eyes and ignore the changes that you need to make, then you’ll stay stuck in old patterns that aren’t serving you. The Universe is saying to you: “Join me. Come play in the unknown and wade around in the river of uncertainty. Grow with me. Embrace your inner student and humble yourself before me. There’s so much juice within you waiting to be unleashed. It’s time you let ‘er out, and I’m here to hold your hand through it all.”

Stay lovely,

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