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Infinite Patience = Immediate Results

Posted Sep 27 2013 7:46am

“Infinite patience produces immediate results.” – A Course in Miracles

This is one of my favorite lines from the Course, because it’s so true and so nails our tendency to want things NOW instead of when it’s the right time for us. When we want instant gratification, we are trying to take the wheel and kick the Universe out of the front seat. We forget that the Universe is in charge and that this loving energy is always working FOR us, on our behalf. When we are impatient, we believe that life happens to us and on our clock. When we are patient, we believe that live happens for us and on the Universe’s clock.

When you order something from UPS, you know your package is going to arrive. You might not know the exact time and date but you are patient and chill. You can hang out until your order arrives because you know it’s on the truck – on it’s way to you. It’s the same way with our desires. When we ask for something from the Universe and take small, right actions every day towards that goal, it’s on the truck. The Universe is on it. The Universe is bringing us exactly what we need. And its our job need to have patience that the Universe will deliver our package exactly when we need it.

Regardless of the goals that we have, when we’re truly in patience, we trust and know that everything is unfolding exactly as it should. We see any “obstacles” in our path as opportunities to learn, grow and heal. Patience allows us to fall in love with our journey. I used to want everything instantly. But now, I get it. I understand and know that everything is working for me and the pace at which I achieve my goals is set up by the Universe for me to win. And, from experience, I know that anytime I try to eff with the order of things, I dig myself into a hole, ignore the wisdom of the Universe, and set myself up to fail.

I’ve learned that patience is one of the biggest keys to success. Not outward success. Inner success. Patience allows you to be present to the blessings that are in your life now. Patience allows you to honor the tough stuff in your life, because it is helping you learn and grow and heal yourself, so you can then be a vessel to heal others. Patience allows you to be grateful for what you do have, which actually allows your desires to flow to you that much faster. Patience is trusting the Universe has your back and has a great plan for you, even if you can’t see it or feel it at the moment. Patience is knowing that when things don’t happen on your clock, you’ve been saved. In those moments, the Universe is actually scooping you up and saying, “You may not see it that way, but I’ve got your back. I’m preventing a bigger fall.”

Patience is having full faith and trust that everything is working out for your Highest Good. You know it’s Thy will be done – not my will be done.

Want some more patience? Meditate every day for at least 5 minutes. Honor the relationships and blessings in your life. Be kind and smile at people, instead of thinking about what yourself and what you want all the time. Be of service to people who are less fortunate than you are, so you can really  be grateful for the blessings in your life. Then, honor the work you’ve done for others and yourself and soak up the beauty of the your journey – because it’s pretty awesome. And that’s patience. That’s instant gratification. That’s peace. That’s true happiness.

Stay lovely,

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