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Industrial Gothic Chinese Belly Dancing

Posted Feb 21 2012 2:00pm

Jeez, what would that even look like….

Part of the reason why I love living in a city is soaking up the culture. I want to meet people and understand why they love what they love and see if I could understand and appreciate the mystery as well.

I never really went through a “gothic” phase. Sure I had piercings all over my face and dressed in black sometimes, but I wouldn’t consider myself punk/gothic/industrial etc. I was more confused than anything else.  But do you see what I mean about looking at  just the surface stuff. You hear the word gothic in terms of scene kid status and you think black make-up, black clothes, death music etc… but there is a lot more to it.

I had the pleasure of attending Ceremony , an industrial dance club here in Boston, with my wonderful brother his lovely girlfriend and her friends. And I had a GREAT time!

This is inside Ceremony on Halloween, I was not there but wanted to show you the kind of vibe.

Ceremony is every Monday night and each week there is a different type of music. I went to Down with Tempo which was very slow and sexy. It wasn’t crowded, so people had room to actually…get this… DANCE.  I loved how the dress code was strict (all black) but allowed for variations of expressions (velvet skirts, corsets, wigs etc). The music was melodic and it was easy to give way to swaying and moving your hips.

This wasn’t like other dances clubs (looking at you Liquor Store) where just dancing was an invitation to strangers to come up behind you and hump you. No one touched me. No one was inappropriate. It was respectful and people came there to socialize with what looks like family, and enjoy the music in a safe place where this type of expression and lifestyle was all for them to enjoy. But these are strong people, they aren’t crying about being teased. They are full on embracing the lifestyle they want and that is far more impressive than some of sheeple I’ve seen lately. It’s hard to not fall into a trance by the experience. Where the bass is low and loud and everyone is just dancing and doing their own thing. It was a needed vacation from following the norm even just for a few hours. And wouldn’t you know… I ran into someone I knew, a good friend actually, someone I wouldn’t picture who would love this type of club….

…it’s easy to judge. So take the hard way to learn about something. Shut up and go try it!

 Next on the agenda, belly dancing! Something very intoxicating! I have always been fascinated by it. I don’t know much about it, but I”m excited to learn. I went to The Middle East in Central Square Cambridge on Sunday nights where they have host belly dancers each week and welcome new comers (do I hear my calling?). They were all so beautiful and moved their bodies with great isolation and fluidity and strength. I don’t know much about the culture, but I’m thinking about taking a class and just going for it!  [photo source] 


I am lucky enough to have many Chinese friends.  I never got to partake in any Chinese New Year celebrations, so this was my year!  I headed to Chinatown to Hei La Moon to enjoy some dimsum, little did I know they only serve it for brunch so we enjoyed some Tsingtao (brand of beer) and some rice, beef, chicken and veggies! YUM!

This is the Year of the Dragon, which is deemed the luckiest animal on the zodiac. Chinese consider that the dragon is unpredictable, untouchable and people cannot see its head and tail at the same time. Therefore, we might see something unexpected in 2012.

One of the customs is giving hóngbāo , or red envelopes during holidays and special occasions. It is usually given from the older adults to the younger children.


I’m excited to see what else I can learn about around my city. Three different walks of life in a two months, not too shabby!

Next up: Red Velvet Brownie Recipe

(And, brownie color brownies….. :/ )

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