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Indulgence for the week

Posted Mar 29 2009 12:00am

As I said earlier, I did not get my late night pizza order in.  And this meant that I was still yet to get in my allowance of grease for the week.  So this morning I thought about it.  And thought about it.  And thought about what one thing I was really craving.  Pizza?  Burger?  Burrito?  Pancakes?  Maybe just a stick of butter that I can apply directly to my ass?

I settle for the burger and fries route.  Then it was just a matter of deciding where.  McDonalds doesn’t cut it in times like this.  I need real food.  Durty Nellie’s is usually my choice for carryout.  The bacon cheeseburger is highly recommended.  But I wanted to try somewhere new.  Tore and Lukes was a place my friend Abel had mentioned whenever I first moved up.  And I’ve driven by it a couple times.  Once I called, but I guess it was an old number for a former location.  So there was a little hype built up in finally getting to go.  And Jessica woke up with the day after drinking hunger, too.  We decided not to do carryout and just go because we really wanted to sit and chill out.

What we did not realize was that Tore and Luke’s is extremely similar to Portillo’s in the way you get your food.  I guess we were expecting a menu, not a cash register.  I got my cheeseburger and Jessica had the Italian beef.  But of course they messed up and didn’t get my order in.  So Jessica was already chowing down well before I got my food.  Crap like that always happens to me.  But I finally got it.  Mediocre.  I tried hers, too- as much as I want to be, I’m just not a fan of Italian Beef.  People here make such a big deal out of it, too.  Maybe I’m just going to the wrong places for it?  I’ll have to keep trying.  But the fries were amazing.  You get a HUGE bag of them.  Two of us could have split one bag.  And they were fantastic.  Yummy…

Probably won’t make a big deal out of going again.  They didn’t have regular iced tea, either.  And that’s kind of the deal breaker in my book.  We decided next time we’re going to pig out on a Sunday it will be either BBQ or breakfast.  Random, I know.

Since there was a little disappointment in my end choice of location, I don’t think my craving for crap is quite yet satisfied.

Ice cream seems like a necessity.

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