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Indoor Gardening

Posted Jun 22 2012 5:00am

I don’t know what the draw of gardening is but so many people seem to get really excited about it, go spend a ton of money on plants and such, and then just forget to take care of them for a while and before you know it your left with a collection of dead plants.

I’m kind of one of those people. I have a pretty good track record (I’d say at least a 50% survival rate) but I tend to get on these massive herb garden kicks and buy way more than I’ll ever use around the house and inevitable forget to tend to them. This time – we started small. When I first moved into my place two years ago I bought a tiny bamboo plant from Lowes. It was probably a foot tall and over the years it’s at least doubled in height! Bamboo is supposed to bring luck and it’s great for improving indoor air quality.

After that I bought a small ivy and a pony tail palm. The palm I purchased solely on the fact that it cracks m up every time I look at it with its crazy leaves. Salem is it’s arch-nemesis though and gnaws on it every time I turn around so half of it’s leaves have bite marks everywhere. The first plant in the photo is an Aloe plant Matt added to the collection after he moved in. These are all on our dining room table and I love being able to look at them all the time!

This past weekend Matt bought some basil and spearmint to try and grow inside. We don’t have any outdoor space to garden at our current location so we are pretty limited with what we can grow. If anyone has any suggestions for what herbs grow well inside I would love to know! We use basil on pizzas and in pasta dishes often and the mint we definitely bought for Mojitos. So far they are looking a bit sickly but damn those mojitos still taste good.

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