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Indicators of Stress and Ways to Combat it

Posted Jun 21 2013 2:00am
Stress has rapidly spread its fangs and become embedded in each and every person’s lifestyle. People who are suffering from stress manifest some specific characters and if you identify them within yourself you need to take appropriate measures to combat stress and make your life better.

Certain characteristic behavior pattern reflect that you are stressed and they could be –

  • Rapid speech and constant quick movements
  • Getting irritated at the pace at which things move and getting irritated and impatient when the progress and performance of others are pretty slow.
  • Chronic sense of time urgency and multi tasking at all times.
  • An active desire to dominate the conversation, to remain pre occupied with one’s own thoughts.
  • Vague guilt pangs during periods of relaxation and over concerned with getting things worth having.
  • Clenched fists and jaw, pounding on the table, grinding teeth etc
  • Habits of alcoholism and smoking
Stress Management TipsIn order to be free you must indulge in exercises, yoga, and meditation and have a regular nutritious diet and indulge in all your hobbies and interests, have a positive attitude towards the life and then you will observe the following characteristic behavior pattern, with changed life styles and focused on the goals you plan to achieve.

No sense of urgency and hostility towards none.

No desire to display and discuss your achievements and accomplishments unless the situation demands.

A strong belief  that physical activities, games, sports music, reading books, gardening, exist for fun and relaxation and not to exhibit superiority. You need to have an ability to work without guilt and to work without agitation. Your attitude is positive in all times of turbulence, uncertainty and transition. Your frustration levels are at all time low.  You are intoxicated with the spirit to live a stress free life.

You need to read books on stress management and learn from the experience of others. Thus, you will enjoy a holistic lifestyle which is free from stress and worry.

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