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Indian Food & Vegan Goodies!

Posted Sep 23 2011 7:21pm

Today was lovely. I only had one class today until 10:30 so afterwards, I packed up my things to head home for the weekend! I dropped my stuff off and said hello to my parent’s before heading to Matty’s house. He is helping me film a video project for my Intro to Nutrition Practice course in which I have to simulate a counseling session. (Side note: Matty is a professional videographer!)

After filming, Matty made the fabulous suggestion of going to Rasoi , an Indian restaurant located in Pawtucket, RI, for a late lunch. He received a $10 birthday coupon to use by the end of September so we decided to take advantage of it. Be still my heart. This restaurant is insanely delicious. If you live in the area, you must go. And in the event that you do, you must tell me how delicious it was. Because it will be. You’re welcome.


Hooray for Rasoi!


Our meal started off with papadum, a thin, cracker-like Indian flatbread made from lentil flour and seasoned with cumin, that came with two sauces: a sweet chutney-like sauce and a red pepper and onion sauce. I want some. Now! :-D

For my main course, I decided on what I always get. Every. Single. Time. Whenever we visit Rasoi, I peruse the menu, searching for a suitable replacement to this dish. Then I say to myself, “Who am I kidding?” and order it anyways. Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you Okra Masala, a blend of fresh okra, red pepper, onion and potatoes in a mint tomato sauce, paired with brown rice. Cue the angels.

Matty chose a Nirvana thali dish. For those of you thinking I’m speaking in tongue, allow me to explain. A thali, which literally means “plate”, is an idea specific to Indian culture that revolves around balanced eating. There are four to five dishes presented in small bowls (about 1/4 cup in size) on one large metal plate. By having a small tasting of each dish, the Indian culture believes you will feel more satisfied and not overeat. The bowls are paired with naan, a thick flatbread prepared in a special oven called a tandoor.

Our meal ended up costing $6.50. SCORE!


We left with satisfied bellies and meandered a few doors down to Wildflour , a heavenly vegan bakery and cafe. I know I just spent a lot of time raving about Rasoi. But now I must rave to you about Wildflour. OH MY GOODNESS. This place is Godsent. They have stripped me of so much money since opening last December. And, no, I’m not ashamed.

Wildflour offers fresh, homemade baked goods (cupcakes, cookies, scones, muffins, etc.) fresh-pressed coffee, homemade pizza, to-go lunches, and juices. You name it and they create it. Everything ignites your tastebuds and makes you smile. Literally. It’s like a Teletubbies show in your belly. Yup, I went there.

I got a slow pour coffee, apple crumb muffin, and mushroom-spinach scone (score for breakfast for the next 2 days!) while Matty opted for a small soy hot chocolate and a gigantic ginger-molasses cookie.

This is just a glimpse of Wildflour’s bakery case. You can stop moaning now.

Photo courtesy:

Now, we’re off to catch up on some serious business: The Great Food Truck Race and Project Runway. Auf wiedersehen!

Stay lovely,


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