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Increase the Productivity by Powering Your Notebook with Dell Inspiron 6400 Adapter

Posted May 15 2013 6:34am

Dell Inspiron 6400 is a unique integrated notebook power adapter that provides you with the opportunity to stay unplugged and productive with no added significant weight to the user. It also provides ease and convenience of charging your notebook even when the laptop is docked. This essentially evolves as the ideal device for people requiring extra battery life especially during long meetings and journeys yet considers docking most of the time. Subsequently you can plan for the entire day computing with the Dell Inspiron 6400 and work as if you have not left the office.


Dell Inspiron 6400 charger  is a new and unique replacement manufactured with top quality A-grade products and components in order to match the with the original specifications and performance of Dell Inspiron 6400 battery adapter. And for it, the charger has been tested against several international standards and quality certifications including CE, UL Listed as well as ISO 9001 and 9002 to ensure high quality and efficiency. At the same time, the adapter is equally compatible with that of the original one in terms of specifications. Additionally, it is coupled with warranty for the duration of one year for any manufacturing defects as well as 30-days money back guarantee on the same product.


As it has been already discovered that the  Dell Inspiron 6400 adapter  is the device utilized for adapting the electrical energy, it is packed with some of the most striking features. Dell Inspiron 6400 is rated at 19Volts with 4.3 amps and rated power supply up to 75 watts. It is successfully built and designed in order to work well with other Dell notebooks requiring up to 15 to 24 volts DC.


Aside there are other key features that ensure its high performance, quality and safety to the user which includes an automatic voltage adjustment between 15 and 24 volts. The charger has been packed and sealed to get protection from high humidity and moisture in the environment. The designing has been done while keeping in the feature of filtering voltage spikes and surges. Moreover, it boasts features defining internal safety to get protection electrical hazards. It allows protection against automatic low-voltage shutdown with automatic voltage and current output limit.


On the other hand, there are different causes for the faltering of the  Dell 6400 battery  such as exposure to exposure to frequent temperature changes, bending of wire and perhaps age of the adapter. Hence, Dell Inspiron 6400 adapter facilitates automatic temperature adoption and short-circuit protection and saves a significant amount of electricity guaranteeing high energy efficiency. Additionally Dell Inspiron 6400 charger is fully cycling Burn-In as well as HI-POT tested and is included with the LED power-on indicator in arrange to ensure user easiness and ease in work.


The Dell  laptop adapter  is successfully able to support a broad range of Dell laptops with tremendously high power efficiency providing you with the opportunity of getting reduced costs as well as carbon dioxide emission. Indeed charge the most popular models of the laptop brand with the all-in-one design with the detachable module for you to charge anything and anywhere with single power adapter and forget worrying about instability voltage anymore as the built-in protections of Dell Inspiron 6400 adapter is safer than ever and perform better.


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