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in withdrawal

Posted Feb 25 2012 11:10pm
Sometimes the absence of something hits me when I least expect it. Like a Saturday night enjoy a bottle glass of wine and doing statistics homework. Hey, don't judge - stats and wine go great together (it helps make sense of all the Greek letters)!

What am I missing? Australia. It was my dumb move of turning on the Australian radio station that I listened to while I was traveling the east coast there. I knew I avoided listening to it for a reason.

The hubby and I ventured there back in November of 2009, as part of an extended honeymoon (don't worry, it wasn't all honeymoon while we were there, we worked for a bit).

Just to walk down memory lane (and encourage the husband to purchase some new tix to fly us to Australia again), here's a look at our journey. This may just make me miss Australia a little more, but it's worth it. Hey, maybe you'll take me back to Oz instead!

Taking off - LA to Brisbane (when I had short hair!!!)

 The beach I went to everyday that I was not working!!
QUESTION: Where is your next trip?!
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