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In the Mix Monday - Period/The Full Stop

Posted Jan 14 2013 9:38am

Source: via Ladies on Pinterest
     If you're squeamish or not a woman or looking for a delectable recipe to pin or a knock-out craft to do when the kids get home, please check back. Today we're talking about women and Ladies Holiday.  
ladies: plural noun 1.women
holiday:noun 1. a day of festivity or recreation when no work is done.
verb 2. to spend a holiday in a specific place.
ladies holiday: 1. a woman's period of menstruation. 2. a multi-contributor blog dedicated to empowering women in their menstrual well-being by providing a humorous, informative and supportive environment. Not just a day of festivity, but daily celebration of our triumphs, challenges and adventures.

Ladies Holiday got started to promote women, specifically surrounding menstruation and to form a place to discuss this often hushed subject. We've openly posted about our periods here , here and here . We partnered with Kotex to raise awareness and educate ourselves about the changes in our tween girls and how to handle them. We've also discussed the dreaded PMS . Today I'd like to recall all of these subjects, how far we've come in a year of blogging and be reminded of our roots.

We're women here at LH and one of the things that makes us women is our periods. In this community of women we are fortunate to have the opportunity to share stories, exchange tips and strategies and offer support. Through this we learn more about ourselves and each other. We are so lucky to have one another (and the blog hops, tasty recipes, adventures in parenting are a bonus,) but I want to stand in this moment of femininity and say welcome and thank you.

Welcome to Ladies Holiday which is many things, but at its heart is about being a woman. And thank you for sharing this space with us and reading, commenting, and sharing your story.

That being said, I'd like to open it up to readers by inviting you to share the many names that exist for menstruation and possibly tell an anecdote as to why you do...

The women in my family have always just called it a period, but over the years I've heard it referred to by many names... When I think of the word period, I often think of the punctuation mark. Interestingly, in England, the very same punctuation mark is called the "full stop." Imagine if we called menstruation a full stop. Perhaps that would be fitting because during that time of the month, I'd like to come to a full stop and would probably benefit from doing so. The Red Tent so to speak. But I think what is actually meant by referring to menstruation as a period is the period of time, it is a cycle and occurs on average once a month. It is interesting to me how we either (re)name things because of the discomfort surrounding the topic/word, it's the name we inherited from the women before us or for reasons unknown as in "I dunno, just cuz." Here is a start
  • Menstruation
  • Period
  • Ladies Holiday
  • The Curse
  • Aunt Flo
  • The Red Tide
  • Moon
  • That time of the month
  • The Rag
I'm curious to know if what women from other cultures, regions, backgrounds call menstruation. Please add yours below! In the Spirit of Women,Deirdre

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