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In the Country...

Posted Nov 11 2009 10:03pm
My husband and I met and fell in love in Los Angeles, CA (yes, true love can happen in LA). We lived there for several years before we started moving north. Now we live about halfway between LA and San Francisco in a pretty rural environment. What I have come to love most about our area is our access to fresh produce. We have farmer's markets almost every day of the week and lots of produce stands around.

Yesterday we visited a quite-touristy farm stand. The best part was seeing their little animal display. The stand makes pies and sells all kinds of produce, although they don't grow very much of it themselves. I bought some potatoes that I ended up using in a roasted pepper soup I made for dinner (recipe forthcoming). It was a fun outing and a great future destination for my nephew.

Someone gave this cow a whole ear of corn (including part of the husk) and she gobbled it right down.

I was all up close and personal with the ostrich until my husband reminded me, "ostriches peck!" so I backed away real fast.

This baby goat made the cutest "bleeting" noises. Yes, it said, "bleet."

Time for pumpkins!

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