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In search of equilibrium...

Posted Nov 30 2008 12:21pm
This morning I had a consultation with a new personal trainer that was recommended to me by my chiropractor. For the first year and a half after my accident I worked with a kinesiologist at the gym, effectively training my poor body to be able to move again. However, once I was ready to attempt a return to work ICBC pulled back on the resources and no longer paid for me to work out with a trainer. This seemd okay at the time, but after another year of working out by myself and not knowing if I was using correct form, or even doing the right exercises, I`ve decided it`s time to bring a trainer back into the picture.

What I`ve noticed is that even though I have gotten a little bit stronger, my muscles and joints don`t seem to work together properly and move in the right planes. My shoulders seem a bit off track and my limbs don`t really feel like they`re aligned properly. It makes it difficult to train effectively because if you`re out of alignment then you`re likely not using your muscles correctly. As well, because your body wants to `protect` areas that have been injured, alternate muscles adapt and take over and in my case, my physio has identified that the wrong muscles are lifting my arms, moving my shoulder blades and supporting my spine. Altogether, it makes for a poor combination of overly developed secondary muscles and weakened primary muscles.

Upon meeting this new trainer, I am really excited about how she might be able to help. We discussed how important alignment is to your overall fitness and mobility, and talked about the kinds of issues I am facing even 3 years post accident. My physiotherapist and several of my doctors have always suggested pilates and this trainer is actually a certified STOTT Pilates specialist. She explained to me how the STOTT Pilates method emphasizes spinal rehabilitation, balanced muscles around your joints and scapular stabilization.

So, I start my first class of private pilates instruction next Thursday night at my trainer`s studio. I`ve done community centre pilates before and liked it, so I am really excited to take it up a notch and get some one-on-one instruction on full-body pilates. Maybe this type of personalized training will help me and my poor body finally find some equilibrium.

In other news, I negated my week of eating healthy salads every day and partook in the Olive Garden`s bottomless bowl of pasta for lunch today. Luckily I stopped myself a few bites into the second helping and now have a lovely dish of pasta for lunch tomorrow. Yum.
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