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IN My Vegan Playground - Journal 1 - 5

Posted Mar 19 2010 3:45pm
These are notes I posted at The Kind Life Forum and my own journal when I first began vegan. These are all catch up posts. But, I'll post fresh posts for my second month.

"My Vegan Playground" is open for playtime. Enjoy my adventure and yours.

Jeri's Journal: Feb. 16, 2010 "Vegan - Uh?"

Sounds great! But seems hard. With all I'm going through, looks like the best eating lifestyle for me. With your help, Lord, I can do anything. Bring support. Amen.

Jeri's Kind Life Notes: Feb 18, 2010 - "For My Health"

I hadn't realized that we were already flirting with this lifestyle.

After reading and researching these past 6 years, especially the last 3 yrs...looks like a vegan diet is the best for my health and current condition. Very excited and freaked to see where I'll be a few weeks, months, and years from now. David is being very supportive and has already gone shopping twice and eaten with me.

Keeping a journal to note recipes I've tried, liked, tweaked and any changes in my health and body, and my mind, spirit, and body. Even how the foods affect me.

Here starts the progression to my vegan lifestyle.

Jeri's TKL Notes: March 19, 2010 - Bags of Groceries and Nutrition Class

We are reorganizing the kitchen and it's been so fun. The new storage containers. All the great pantry foods. All the bags of yummy good stuff waiting for their permanent home. It's so great. I have the whole family reading the bottom of storage containers to make sure their safe...very cool. New saucepans and my brand new cast iron pan that takes me back to childhood. Fun, fun, fun.

My plant-based nutrition class is so great. T. Colin Campbell lectures are way awesome. He's done so much. Everyday, I share all I get from the class with my family. I'm so amazed at how much we have no clue about. Why isn't all this info made into commercial spots like they do for fast food chains or "the" toy of the month.

You just can't keep me quiet. I really need to learn how to blog so I can get the message out a peaceful, loving, and caring way mixed with so much interesting info and resources.

Saturday marks the end of my 4th week. It went by so fast. I'm still dealing with a sensitive stomach, but I'm not giving up. I'm getting better and better everyday. Sometimes the improvements in other areas are so sudden and sometimes they take awhile. Nonetheless, progress is very evident.


Jeri's TKL Notes - "New Deck Furniture, 1st Day of Spring, and Renewed Blog" March 21, 2010

We had an awesome "meatout" brunch and lunch . The furniture for our back deck came in this a.m. in time for us to enjoy and celebrate. We even put it together ourselves. Very fun. We had awesome weather after days of rain and freezing cold temps (for Hawaii). Of course, it perfectly rained tonight after we were all inside.

After following different blogs that have inspired and encouraged me, I finally organized my blog and restarted it. Just like I wanted for years with all kinds of resources, info, and our family adventure.

I'm so thankful for the courageous outgoers (namely and ) who gave me courage to add more adventure and step out in faith.

God Bless and Happy Spring.
Jeri - Oahu
Jeri's TKL Notes - "One Month Vegan Anniversary" March 23, 2010

I'm so proud of myself. I really did do a good job for the 30 days. No fall backs. The cool thing is it got easier and easier each day that went by.

Now the big question...superhero or vegan? I choose both. I found that both lifestyles balanced out really improve my overall well-being. Since I have to decrease the grains for my stomach, it's good to have the vegan options as well.

Out of the whole month, David has been following vegan 3 weeks. He didn't even realize it. So he's going to finish out this week and as himself the big question of vegan, vegeterian, or occasional meat eater. At least he's being honest. But he did agree to keep up with veggies being the main course and all he's learned about grains and legumes.

Hope you all have a good week. Class has been keeping me pleasantly busy and well-informed. I'm totally having a blast.

God Bless You All,
Jeri - Oahu
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