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In my 100th post, a recap of easy, quick, & healthy

Posted Aug 23 2011 10:37am
Yes, this is my 100th post!

I looked back on all 100 of them and there are a few that might be worth mentioning to those who have just started to follow the Savvy Sister.  I chose these because they may have the biggest impact with the least effort.  (hey, isn’t that what we all want?)

5 Things You Can Do in 30 Seconds to Dramatically Improve Your Health 
This was the most liked post.  Probably because these 5 things are so darn easy anyone can do them.

You Need Estrogen to Make Your Kitty Purr
This was the post that women read and said “Wow…I never knew…..” And then their partners came back to me after 6 weeks and said “Thanks!”

Grab Your Nuts and Go!
The Savvy Sister Breaks it down and gives you the nut nutrition basics…some that may surprise you.
And these were the favorite recipes:

spaghetti squash Scrumptious Spaghetti Squash Cakes    : I make this one at least once a week

No-Meat Chili (that could fool anybody)  :  30 minutes from cold pot to hot chili.

Chef Dave’s Protein Energy Shake :  Chef Dave, a restaurateur and nutritional coach from Chicago introduced many of the Chicago Bulls and other professional athletes to this easy, high protein, delicious shake.  But you don’t have to be a pro to enjoy its benefits.

Thanks to everyone for reading and commenting and suggesting topics for the blog.  I’ve met many wonderful people around the world and had a great time sharing ideas about food, health and happiness.
I hope to be blogging for another 100 and beyond!

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