Happy Belated Earth Day.

Every year I intend to plant a tree on Earth Day.  This year though, I opted to start a small garden.  How do you celebrate Mother Earth on Earth Day?  How do you celebrate Earth Day Every Day?

I know.  I know.  It can’t be that hard to put a seed in the ground and water it and a few months later have some food.   But apparently I can’t handle that, so I’ve decided to boost my gardening confidence with the help of two EarthBoxes.

I’ll share with you all the journey of two cherry tomato plants, 2 red bell pepper plants, 2 orange bell pepper plants, a sweet banana pepper plant, and a hot banana pepper plant!

Here are the pictures from planting day, April 17th.

The Goods!

Tomatoes Week 1

Tomatoes at Planting

Peppers at Planting