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in a rut

Posted Jul 03 2013 5:51pm

Life’s definitely been insanely busy since around May.  From my parents preparing for a cross-country move (Tulsa to Spokane), working 40-50 hours a week, lots of running and climbing squeezed in, and now a summer class [pre-requisite] for grad school, which conflicts with my work.  I haven’t been left with a lot of motivation and time to update my blog.  But, this post is much needed to relent my poor attitude that’s overcome the past couple months

Climbing used to be a stress reliever.  Being at New Heights Climbing Gym allowed me to temporarily forget about the ordinary daily stresses that afflict everyone.  Focusing on a boulder problem or a longer route requires attention, and it’s always fun climbing with so many awesome people at the gym.  But, I’ve been in such a rut lately.  For the past couple months, every route has been frustrating.  Every route that I struggle with has seemed impossible and I’ve been giving up so easily.  Usually, I have been blaming my short stature and cursing the tall male route setters who are obviously out to get me and make me feel like a horrible climber.  Not getting a route “clean” suddenly became a new stressor.  I exhausted myself far more mentally in the gym than physically.  It got to the point where I wanted to cry almost every time I left the gym. Ridiculous, huh?  Why did I feel so weak? Why did I feel like a terrible climber? Why had climbing become such a stressful part of my day?  Reflecting on the past months by typing this post makes my attitude seem more and more ridiculous. After some boyfriend and self pep-talks, I’ve tried to let loose more at the climbing gym.  Last night was the first truly FUN climbing night I’ve had in a long time, mostly because I’m attempting to truly evaluate my attitude and change because I still love climbing. I cannot wait to go to Horseshoe Canyon Ranch again!

Have you ever been a rut in your sport or hobby? Do you know how it happened? How did you get out of it?


A few weekends ago at Horseshoe Canyon Ranch, leading Shrimp Scampi 5.10d. I’m really hoping to redpoint point it when we go back this weekend!

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