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In A Long Winded Nutshell

Posted Nov 26 2012 11:30pm

Hello! I hope all of my US friends had a nice long Thanksgiving holiday. We had a great weekend!

I did a lot of the following:



*Movie Watching

*Weezy Snuggling


Wednesday morning I was off of work so I went to a killer yoga class taught by a friend I was in teacher training with. I was quivering all day long! Phenomenal. It was low in sugar for a cheesecake and the crust was made out of nuts. I came home and started my baking. I made two cheesecakes for each dinner I was going it. It turned out amazing, I hope to share the recipe I adapted soon!


I made a pecan-almond crust and topped it with carmelized pecans and homemade caramel (I just used coconut palm sugar and coconut cream and vanilla…turned out amazing!)

Michael had his 15 year high school reunion. but we didn’t have a sitter so I sent him out with his friends while E and I prepped for Thanksgiving and caught up on the DVR.

Thanksgiving was a long day, but a great one. We started out at my Nona’s. This is a meal that Michael quote “looks forward to all year.” She is an amazing cook and gave me the best compliment anyone could get! She told me I was one of the few she could trust to cook good food so she asked me to take care of the sweet potatoes since she only had so much room in her oven. Nona usually does pretty much everything, and it’s all amazing so I felt like the pressure was on!

My sweet potatoes turned out great! I did my personal “healthified” take on “candied sweet potatoes”


I took 2 Tablespoons of coconut oil and 1 Tablespoon of raw honey and melted it on the stovetop. Then I peeled and chopped 10 sweet potatoes into 1 1/2 inch chunks. I coated the potatoes and lied them evenly on a baking sheet(s) and baked for 30 minutes, turning them every 10. I made them again this weekend and used a little less honey and added cinnamon. Delicious! You don’t need all of that processed white GMO sugar to make candied sweet potatoes!

Nona’s meal was great. Ella really enjoyed it too! It was her first time eating at Thanksgiving, last year she was too young (she may have been on purees then?)


Or next meal was at my mother in laws house. I definitely felt like there was no room in my belly, so lots of wine was in order to “enhance” my appetite. I didn’t want to miss out on more good food Winking smile


My sister in law made PaleOMG’s grain-free sweet potato biscuits


and pecan brittle that I was a little too obsessed with: It didn’t turn out like brittle, more like chewy snickers—her and my mother in law were laughing about how it didn’t turn out hard–but as I look now the title says “Chewy Pecan Brittle” duh, silly Rosie.  I think if you left it in the fridge it would have hardened up because of the coconut oil. It was fantastic. I want it now. IMG_3900

I went overboard on brittle and win. Can you tell by my eyes?


Oh and I haven’t had a haircut since like June.

Ella had such a great time playing with her cousin. She just idolizes him. He put on a little show for us in his turkey costume from his play at pre-school. So adorable.


So much that he ended up snagging his Scooby Doo slippers when he wasn’t looking:


Friday morning I went to another yoga class and then we planned to MAYBE go out shopping. Mike and I love to talk about it every year but we never do it. Convo usually goes like this:

M: “So are we going out tonight at midnight?”

Me: “Let’s do it. What do you want to get.”

M: “I don’t know. Maybe we should drive by Best Buy to see what’s going on.”

Me: “Nah, let’s just go to bed.”

M: “Okay, maybe next year we’ll go out.”

Friday night we saw Lincoln. I enjoyed it. The acting was amazing, but would you expect any less with Daniel Day Lewis? I thought it started out a little dry, but it got better. I wish I had known more about the people involved before-hand. Like Thadeous Stevens and some of the other politicians. I am the queen of Wiki after movie watching though. (PS- we still bring this popcorn with us—it’s SO amazing. I seriously can never go back to stale movie theater popcorn with fake butter ever again!)

Saturday morning was more yoga. I know. I did a two hour arm balancing workshop—and boy was it exhausting!


( photos courtesy of Sol )

I am in the way back in the white. I think I was pooping out between scorpion and flowing, push-ups, more flowing, more push-ups, more crescent lunges, handstands and so on. My muscles we definitely letting me know what it thought of all the extra eating too Winking smile 

It was so exciting to let go of the fear and FINALLY get into some poses I have been terrified of. Particularly tripod. I have neck issues, so standing on my head always seemed to be out of the picture for me. I was able to do tripod and go into crow from it for a few hot seconds. It was fun!

69465_429950703724742_1877435627_n yoga

Ang read this reading in the beginning of class about fear. How fear is about the future, and if you would just be present then there should not be any fear. Unless of course you were faced with a mountain lion, then you should run like hell. Her words.  I loved the workshop and can not wait for her to do another one! She is such a wonderful teacher and I always get not only a great workout, but a lot of motivation and inspiration from her classes!

Sunday I saw Breaking Dawn with my cousin. We have seen every one together in the movies, and this was like us saying goodbye to a friend. I haven’t read the book in a few years so I forgot some of it! We loved it. I will probably go back when my mom and sister can go. It was hard to coordinate with my cousin, who’s also a new mom to a 4 week old!


That was my weekend in a long-winded nutshell Winking smile

What was the highlight of yours?


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