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improving athletic performance

Posted Nov 02 2011 10:10am


hello friends, we are finally getting around to sharing our thoughts on the Dr. Douglas Graham’s Nutrition and Athletic Performance Book: A handbook for athletes and fitness enthusiasts (that is us!)

we love fitness. love reading about it. love seeing what others do for working out. just so inspiring and motivational.

what about you? do you enjoy fitness things? do like seeing what others to for workouts?

hotel workout we try to workout even while traveling, here is Michelle at a hotel gym

anyways the book was really interesting. it is a simple, quick read. Dr Graham talks about many things,like sugar, salts, water, sleep, protein, fat, starch, food combining, tips for recovery, and much more including a whole chapter about bananas!!

post workout fruit based smoothie green smoothies are our go to drinks for post workouts


the number one thing he mentions over and over is the power of fruit! especially before, during, and after exercise. he loves bananas. there are pros and cons for everything these days. we know there are banana haters out there but we love them and more importantly at the moment our bodies seems to like them, so we are going to stick with them for now.

we agree with most things he says in the book. although we know for us we could never eat as much fruit as he recommends. we can understand how someone like a Lance Armstrong could get away with eating 50 bananas in one day, but not us. not even sure if we could even stomach that.

for individuals that train for hours and hours, yes fruit is a great resource for fuel. probably the best option.

post workout recovery pudding green puddings = happy tummys

but for people like us, who work out no more than an hour a day it just seems too extreme. now we are not nutritionist nor doctors, just speaking from personal experience and basic understanding.

one topic that we felt was interesting to read about was his thoughts on rest and sleep in relation to athletic performance. he mentions that many of the world’s top athletes rest and sleep for 12 or more hours. Huh? wonder how accurate this is. we know that Brendan discussed how important sleep is in his book Thrive, but just not sleep, the quality of sleep is what is important! something we know we need to work on.

we do believe sleep is very important to overall health not just for fitness, so makes sense that sleep is vital for good athletic performance.

another topic we enjoyed reading about was on food combining. it is always fun to read about this because every one has their idea of what is the best way to eat food. what combos work, etc. but really, how does anyone really know what is best for us as individuals?

it is important to remember when we read things like this that they are mere guidelines. we all still have to be our own ‘detectives’ in our personal food choices to discover what works best for us as an individual. because we all know that each body is different!  but we do agree from an athletic performance that there are certain foods that just digest easier, therefore easier on our bodies, which equals more energy to workout and recover. one reason we love smoothies and puddings before and after our workouts!

still to this day we cannot get over understand how people can eat fried food, bagels, etc before working out. they must have some strong stomachs. haha for us we don’t, so we have to watch more carefully what goes into our stomachs.

Dr. Graham talks about mono meals. we have been trying some mono meals, or meals that have 2-3 ingredients. and yes it is easier on our stomachs. but over time it does get boring. but a good thing to try to incorporate from time to time.

steamed pumpkin and kale dinner a simple dinner: steamed pumpkin, kale and sauerkraut with Udo’s Oil

to summarize our overall thoughts on this book : if you are someone who likes to read and/or is interested in improving your athletic performance then this book would be great. though we still love Brendan Brazier’s Thrive books to help us with improving our workouts.  this book did bring up some interesting points and made us think about things differently. one thing that we have noticed with eating fruit – we love it in our post-workout smoothies. and that is pretty much the only time we aim to have fruit. we feel it has really helped with our recovery among the other ingredients we throw in our smoothies (we will do another post about what we do)

okay now what the hell have we been doing for our workouts…

Monday we did a jump rope HIIT workout similar to this one.

lori with her lovely gymboss timer and jump rope

Tuesday we did a Bodyrock tv workout out – Grand Theft Booty Workout a 12 minute HIIT workout.

set Gymboss Interval Timer for 18 rounds of intervals of 10 seconds and 30 seconds.  workout made up of 6 different exercises that you do 3 times.  great workout for the legs and butt!! and this workout does not require any special equipment just your own body weight. plus there is not a lot of jumping.

 speaking of exercising the body it is time to go get moving.

Twins Question: What do you do for improving your athletic performance? Do you like mono meals? Do you find yourself enjoying fruit after working out? What is the craziest thing you seen someone eat before they went and workout? Do you feel there is a relationship between what you eat and how it affects your workouts?

till next time,




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