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Improve Your Self Esteem With Exercise

Posted Nov 22 2010 3:16pm

Looking better and feeling better are almost inseparable when working with a personal trainer.   The personal trainer, by trade, is there to help you make the physical improvements you seek through a specially designed program.   The logical response to seeing yourself moving successfully towards these goals is pride and excitement towards yourself and what you've accomplished. This improvement in your self esteem is a direct result of the work you've done with your personal trainer.


One of the most popular reasons for working with a personal trainer is to lose weight.Personal trainers NYCwill use a combination of strength training and cardiovascular exercises to help you tone up, increase muscle mass, and burn calories.   Cardiovascular exercise can help you burn calories more rapidly   for short bursts of time.   Additional muscle mass will help you burn more calories while your body is at rest.   Therefore, even when sleeping you'll be expending more calories to handle normal body function. In many ways, sleep is an integral part of the entire process of weight control and living a health lifestyle.   


As your body goes through these physical changes, you'll be hard pressed to look in the mirror and not admire these changes.   You may not have completed your transformation yet, but you may already be feeling an increase in energy levels, standing up a little straighter, and more willingness to try new things.


When others notice the work you've been doing with yourpersonal trainer NYC, your confidence can begin to soar.   Comments like "you look great", "you lost weight", and "congratulations" can send you to the stratosphere.


People who improve their self esteem will find themselves more energetic, more productive, more adventurous, and overall happier.   Yourpersonal trainer NYCwill also be happier because they know when you feel good about yourself, you'll look forward to your next workout. That's a very powerful combination.

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