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Posted May 24 2011 10:04pm
My trainer cancelled me for tonight because he was sick. Boo. I am not going to lie, I was kind of disappointed. I did not let it stop me though.

Day 2 of my workout class was arms and back mixed with a little kickboxing. Pretty fun.

Then....I decided to run. I dreaded this run all day. I knew what it was going to be- a 5 minute warmup, a 25 minute run and a 5 minute cool down. 25 minutes is a long time. There was no time like the present so I took off....not to was right after my hour long workout class. I decided to try something new. Typically, I have a normal running "route" which really entailed going through my neighborhood and circling a set of streets until I was done. Yesterday, while I was running I realized that I just was getting bored and it wasn't motivating enough for me. So today, I took off and just ran out of my neighborhood. 7 minutes in I pondered stopping the C25K timer and trying it another time. But I did not stop. I continued to run. I definitely did not use the 5 minute increments this time, I think it was because I did have a change in scenery. I am not going to lie, I definitely avoided the major hill areas during the run, I was more concerned with my endurance. But I kept running.

I did notice that I am no longer gasping for air- not even a little bit. I can run. My brain is starting to believe it. I know I have a long way to go but I am definitely moving in the right direction. When the timer hit 0 I definitely had a big sense of accomplishment. I could do it. Go me.
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