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Impressing Nearly Everybody With Your New Body And Self-confidence

Posted Feb 19 2009 4:01pm

Let’s say man A (we’ll call him Ben) follows the classically recommended diet and exercise methods available today. Ben goes on a variety of diets occasionally, because each time he loses weight on one, it starts to come back once he goes off of the diet, so he hops onto the next one that soars his boat. He also start exercising performing 30 minutes of moderately paced aerobic or cardio sessions three times per week to burn calories and fat. Later than a few weeks, he doesn’t see the fast diet progress he’d like to, so Ben bumps it up to 45 minutes, 4 times per week. Still, though, movement is not satisfactory, and he might start to notice some aches and pains in his knees, hips, or ankles.

Ben then begins to think it might be his diet that isn’t working (after all he’s “putting in the work” in the gym), so he eats even less food or cuts his carbs out almost wholly. Meanwhile, depriving himself of various essential foods has left Ben on the edge of a mental breakdown and a main pig out (I’ve been there before too!).

A few more weeks pass and Ben is growing increasingly de-motivated as he is getting very petite results for all of the effort he’s putting forth. By now he’s probably lost a few pounds but doesn’t look much different in the mirror. So he makes a decision to add in some resistance training, because he read it is good to have ore muscle mass on your body for fat loss and other health payback. So now he’s in the gym 5 or 6 days a week, for up to 2 hours per session!

Ben’s close friends and family is amazed where he is all of the time. At this point he may be having trouble sleeping at night from being overworked, may wind up getting a cold or flu from too much stress imposed on his body from the exercise frequency and lack of results, and all but give up on his weight loss and fitness targets for a while.

But you see the craziest part? The worst part of this story? Ben will probably return to some form of the above fast diet recommendations in a few months, While the next fad diet, miracle weight loss pill, or exercise gimmick strikes his fancy. So at the end of this period, he will probably have made a little fat loss movement if any, and little or no muscle or strength gain.

Now what’s really regrettable is that Ben’s story happens time after time after time with, dare I say, 99% of people trying to lose fat around the globe. Let’s explore what man B is doing instead:

Imagine knowing that you’re greatly reducing your risk of disease and other physical and health troubles as you age, and looking and feeling years younger than you actually are.

Imagine impressing almost each person you know with your new body and self confidence, how that will transfer over to more success in all other parts of your life, and how everyone will want to know your secrets.

And imagine having the extra time to enjoy your hobbies and interests, and what truly matters in life…your family and closest friends. Now stop imagining, because this really is all within your grasp…and it all starts with the principles I disclose in this manuscript. So get excited…the best is within you!

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