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Important Benefits of Live Enzymes in Raw Foods

Posted Apr 19 2012 11:17am


While there are many benefits to following a raw food diet or participating in a raw food diet cleanse or detox, a major attribute is the preservation of the live enzymes that are naturally present in foods. The live enzymes are destroyed when food is heated above 118 degrees, so following the raw diet helps to preserve the enzymes so they can then be utilized by your body. The live enzymes help the body in a variety of ways, especially in the digestion of the foods you consume. The aid of digestion is the catalyst that is built upon by the body leading to a series of other benefits and overall better health. Seeds, sprouts and nuts have a high amount of live enzymes that are absorbed when eaten raw.


When the live enzymes in foods are preserved and consumed, the enzymes can aid the body in breaking down the food itself.  This helps to decrease the amount of work the body has to do to digest the foods, freeing up energy the body would have exerted in the digestion. With the live enzymes helping to break down food, there are less digestive issues to contend with, such as constipation. In fact, consuming raw foods will likely result in more frequent bowel movements, leading to better overall digestive health. The live enzymes also help the body to absorb more of the nutrients in the foods, which can result in better health as well.

The human body is equipped with stores of digestive enzymes that assist in the breaking down of foods. Cooked and processed foods deplete these stores since the natural enzymes present in the foods have been destroyed. By introducing raw foods into your diet and utilizing the enzymes within them, you help to preserve the body’s natural digestive enzymes. This can lead to elongated digestive health and fewer digestive issues over the years.


Since the live enzymes are helping your digestive system to break down foods and the body is not exerting as much energy to digest them, you can utilize that extra energy. An energy surplus can lead to many other health benefits. The extra energy you preserve by eating raw foods can lead to a better overall feeling throughout the day. Since you will be feeling more alert and less tired this can even lead you to increase your amount of activities and exercise.

Weight Loss

The digestive assistance provided by the live enzymes, when combined with the extra energy, can lead to an easier time burning fat. Since the live enzymes help you to have more energy and break down foods faster, this can likewise help you to lose weight. Faster digestion can mean that you break down the foods more efficiently rather than turning them into fat stores. The smoother digestion process and the extra energy can both be utilized in increasing and even streamlining weight loss.

Skin Condition

Enzymes are also thought to improve the appearance of your skin. The enzymes help to increase blood flow, as well as absorb more nutrients, which in turn helps to keep skin looking rejuvenated and fresh. This can help clear your complexion and even help fight the signs of aging.

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