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Immune health and supplements

Posted by Craig At Balanced Immune Health Healthy Living Professional

Does anyone out there take a supplement product specifically to enhance their immune function?

I'm interested in what ingredient(s), specifically, you might be taking. 

And, do you take it year round, or just during cold/flu season?

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Jasmine: what a great name for a tea fan! What do you put those tea drops in?  Hot water?

Interesting. Thanks Nancy. I just had cinnamon tea at lunch today, and it was so good I went a bought a box at the store on the way back to my office. Cinnamon may help with glucose management, I understand. It seems many kinds of tea are almost a universal health benefactor.
I take Green Tea Plus, year ‘round not only to boost immune health but also because it has so many other health-imparting properties. Green tea has been studied for its benefits in boosting immune health. It actually helps to enhance the capacity of Gamma Delta T cells which help the body fight infection. That’s about all I use to support immune health. Instead of freshly brewed green tea, I use the more convenient form. Green Tea Plus is a concentrate and just a few Green tea drops is equal to the antioxidant power of 6 cups of Green tea. This has worked well for me!
Thanks Jim. Great blog, by the way.

The major regulating nutrient in the immune system, is zinc. Because it is used by liver for detoxification, it low particularly in those who use drugs or alcohol but I also find that nearly 90% of my clients are deficient.  Zinc is a nutrient which you can perceive via taste.  When you are deficient in Zinc,  liquid zinc tester will have no taste, when at adequate zinc levels, it will taste very strongly metalic.  I use a chelated zinc orate with my clients for maximum bioavailability.  The key is to take sufficient amount which vary by person but too little will never restore your zinc levels.  The zinc I use, and the liquid tester, are Poliquin brand. 

I also instruct clients to avoid fruit juices during illness as research has shown that both sucrose and fructose can supress the immune system for hours.  

In addition to the stomach suggestions listed earlier, I would also suggest testing your HCL levels as low hydrocholic acid in your stomach may prevent adequate absorbtion of many nutrients including zinc,  thus setting up a chronic deficiency. 

Thanks mzeatright. I've thought about trying some wheatgrass or barley grass.

Right now I take an EpiCor supplement (a yeast culture ingredient) that does really well with my allergy/cold/flu experience. Sounds like I continually need to re-up on on my fruit and veggie commitment.  My wife and I have talked about getting a good juicer some day. That's the's always 'someday.'

I am a firm believer in boosting the immune system via juicing fresh organic veggies with fruit  and WOW its like a jolt and POPEYE!  But on other lazy days I take a daily dose of a dark green juice of barley grass sold as Green Magma in health food stores or Barley LIFE at AIM INTERNATIONAL online. .  THis I have beeen doing since 1986 and what a push ahead it does for your health strength and stamina! 
Verna - where can you get Juice Plus?   Thanks.

Carolyn - All good stuff. Thanks. I actually wrote up some similar thoughts recently.

Thanks for the input. 

I take Juice Plus, concentrated essence of a whole serving of 15 fruits and vegs with the fiber of 2 whole grains in capsules and chewables. It's the only nutritional product backed up by 14 gold-standard clinical studies conducted in universities world wide.

I recommend it ongoing to make up for what we miss in our diet. U.S. Dietary Guidelines were revised in 2005 to advise 8-10 servings of fruits and vegs daily for maximum protection against disease. This is based on the results of many long-term nutritional studies spanning 10-30 years.

Juice Plus is actually a lot less expensive than eating that much produce daily, even if anyone was willing to do that. It won't make up for a poor diet, but it will fill in the gaps of good, but less than ideal eating.


Rather than relying on an immune-boosting supplement, a simpler and more economical way to boost your immune system is to eat ample fruits and vegetables, minimize consumption of sugar and other simple carbohydrates, aim for at least 7 hours of sleep per night and drink 6-8 glasses of filtered water per day. Consuming beneficial bacteria in your diet is also helpful to defend your immune system against harmful bacteria invaders. One of best sources of "probiotics" is  plain, cultured yogurt. All of these wellness practices will not only boost your immune system, they'll also benefit your overall health.
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