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Immune balance can take on ‘the perfect allergy storm,’ which USA Today reports may be happening

Posted Mar 17 2010 10:10am

Wow. A USA Today story this week reports that 60 million people in the U.S. suffer from allergic rhinitis, the itchy, runnyPollen nose and eye conditions that accompany allergies.  The article also says climate change may be extending pollen seasons around the world.  Another repor t says the because of the severe winter this year, may species of tress are pollinating at the same time, rather than on a normally staggered schedule, creating denser pollen counts. And, allergy symptoms can remain and make people miserable weeks after pollen season has ended.

So, climate conditions coupled with changing geology (more woodlands in areas that used to be farmed) may cause some areas to experience the perfect storm for a more intense, longer-lasting allergy season.

Yet, what kind of solutions are we reading about?  “Doubling up on the inhaler,” steroids, or prescription antihistamines. Or crank up the air conditioning colder and run it longer. (Hmmm, that sure will help the climate change factor).

Sure, these measures can provide relief at the symptom level. And, I do understand how valuable that relief is when you’ve been on a sneezing binge for a couple of hours.

But wouldn’t it be great if you could address allergy suffering at the immune cell level ? On a natural, non-medication, preemptive basis? After all, as it has been so elegantly stated: “Allergies are nothing more than an unwanted, unnecessary immune response.”

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