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Imma update ya

Posted Apr 24 2013 6:02am
I didn’t mean to completely disappear off the face of blog world but when a national tragedy occurs, I just can’t get myself to blog. I can’t explain why other than that anything I have to say seems so trivial in light of everything, so I end up not saying anything at all.

But since I’ve missed my little space on the internets so much, I’m back with just a few updates until I can gather my thoughts coherently for another post.

1. STRESS. I haz it. It all started with finding out that we were moving to Germany. Which of course, I’m obviously exhilarated about. But along with the excitement, comes the inevitable stress of overseeing a military move to another country while simultaneously trying to prepare for a new baby at the same time.

First, the hunk was to report in Germany the second week of July, which meant we only had a few weeks after this baby was born to move. Then some really high ranking dudes found out my due date and decided it would be best to defer the move…to September. Since we’re ready to get the hell out of dodge, we weren’t too happy about that and ended up meeting with these high ranking dudes to basically let them know that “we got this”. I showed up to the meeting with papers and spreadsheets and timelines of how we’ll have plenty of time to get the baby’s birth certificate, social security card, official passport, military no-fee passport, DEERS (defense system enrollment paperwork), medical physical, and EFMP screening all taken care of. I was prepared and effectively convinced them to sign off on my husband’s orders allowing us to get to Germany by August instead of September.

Three cheers for this small victory, yay!

But the kicker of all this? If the baby is late, we actually won’t have enough time to get to Germany before the hunk’s report date. Which means that he would go on concurrent orders, which in non military speak means that I would essentially have to stay behind with the kids while he goes to Germany without us until I can get all of our paperwork squared away. Honestly though, that’s not the part that stresses me out. I am totally capable of traveling internationally with a newborn and toddler and since it’s the consequence of our own doing, I’ll deal with it. What actually worries me is that essentially this will be one of those “open mouth insert foot” situations. I despise the thought of not being right after all that preparation I did for my presentation more than the possibility of being left behind with two kids.

Add to this that the husband has been working stupid long hours so I rarely see him, and we’ve been trying to get our house ready to rent and this is partly why I’m slightly stressed. And why I should probably go swing some kettlebells in my garage and eat a popsicle or three. Whoo.

2. NESTING. I haz it. I’ve been on a mission to downsize, organize, and DIY our entire house to get it rent-ready. So far I have sold our guest bed, guestroom night stand, breakfast table, our bed, living room rug, entertainment center, elliptical, our City Mini stroller, weight bench, all of Caleb’s old clothes that don’t fit…and a few other things that I can’t think of right now. Thank God for Craigs List, right?

When it comes to nesting, I’ve turned into a label machine whore. I’ve labeled all of our dressers, created a new household binder with everything labeled, a PCS binder for our Army move, and as ridiculous as it is I’ve even labeled our fridge. I know, I know, I’m ridiculous. The nesting urges come with a vengeance with subsequent pregnancies. Not my fault, I swear.

IMG_6848 IMG_6851
3. Pregnancy update. I guess I’m way overdue for one. Even though I’ll try to get a better post up about it later, my update can bascially be summed up as this: I am so pregnant. And the aches and pains are definitely strong with this one. I have felt like death on two stumpy legs the past week and I’m not having any fun. Zero, zilch, nada. I even go to bed before 9pm most nights just to escape the horrible round ligament pain, indigestion and nausea that I’m dealing with.

I love this baby girl already but once she’s fully baked, I’m doing everything in my power to evict her!

4. Intermittent Fasting <–Something I can’t wait to get back to after this baby gets evicted. If you’re interested in learning more about it, I wrote a guest post on Gina’s blog, The Fitnessista , and she did an awesome job of setting it up with an opposing perspective to prove that there is no such thing as one size fits all!

5. Along the same lines, hi and welcome to my new friends from Gina’s blog! I promise I’m a lot cooler than this post lets on…okay I take that back. I’m actually not cool. But hi!

6. An update to my hair conundrum. I’m a bore and ended up sticking with the same ombre color I’ve had for a year now. What can I say? I love it!


7. This kid.

It’s amazing how much more in love with him I am every day.


8. Posts I’m excited to share once I can get off my lazy butt: A recipe for an avocado hair mask, budget maternity style, and a FAQ about all things YOGA! I get a lot of yoga and CrossFit related questions so I’ve been slowly jotting down my thoughts to break everything down for you all, can’t wait to share!

And thus concludes my dumping my brains all over my blog…for now. Happy Humpday!

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