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Ill Effects of Using Insulin To Control Diabetes

Posted Jun 07 2013 2:00am


Treatment of is by way of insulin is effective, but it has some disadvantages and side health effects and these are some of the complications of treatment by insulin.

Insulin is a protein and may trigger allergic reactions in a diabetic patient and may be the patient gets small red lump at the site of injection and itching may occur for some time.

The skin and the tissues underneath get thickened and scarred if the insulin is injected repeatedly at the same place.

Using Insulin To Control DiabetesSometimes the skin may shrink at the injected site giving hollows over the arms, thighs and abdomen and these hollows again fill up in due course of time.

Sometimes lumps of fats develop at the site of injections and children are more vulnerable to it, and hence insulin should not be inserted in these lumps.

An abscess may develop at the site of injection if the needle and syringe are not sterilized properly.

During the initial phase of insulin treatment the diabetic may notice difficulty in reading or blurring of vision as there is a great change in the shape of the eye as the elevated blood glucose level is brought down but the shape of the lens gets adjusted in due course of time also and the patient may have swelling on the feet and the face due to retention of water .This complication is temporary and will be cured in a few days.

Most of the diabetic patients develop anti bodies when they use insulin for treatment and may create complications like allergy or resistance to insulin. The insulin resistance can be over- come by changing the insulin to pure pork insulin which may be used with proper medical advice.


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