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IIN Mega Conference Recap #1

Posted Mar 08 2012 7:30am

Hey guys! Last Thursday I flew out to sunny SoCal for my very first Integrative Nutrition Mega Conference! It is Thursday one week later now and this is the first change I have had to write between meet-ups with fellow EU students, inspiring lectures, soaking up the sun, walking around exploring downtown and exercising. Thank you for your patience ;) .

The Long-Ass Flight

Oh flying how I loathe thee. Sitting for anymore than 2 hours straight just goes completely against my nature, let alone 11 hours, in the middle seat (!!!!). I came this close to doing pushups and/or Bikram’s standing series in the hallway. It’s not all bad of course, I like multi-tasking and I like making plane trips the perfect excuse to read or write for hours on end without any interruptions. So, by the time we landed I had read about 3/4 of Timothy Ferriss’ book ‘the 4-hour workweek’ (it was impossible to put down) and written a long-ass article for a website I might start writing for this year. The lady next to me was surprised I didn’t once nap, watch TV or just do nothing. ‘Don’t you ever take breaks?’. Sure I do I said, but only when I want to ;) .

The best part is though when I was standing in line at the baggage claim when suddenly I felt something on my leg. Busted! A cute dog was sniffin’ me but attached to the little fellow was a security guard asking what was in my bag. Oh only  illegal bananas, oranges and grapes? I had to throw them out and that was all, thank God! I got some weird looks haha.

My cute little guest house

With a cute little roommate!

Frolicking Around in Long Beach L.A.

I stayed in a cute little guest house that I had found on (love this website by the way) where a little black and white kitten named Tuxedo was waiting for me! He was my ‘Isa away from home’ haha and super duper cute and feisty. Upon arrival the weather was amazing already (don’t hate on me yo) and I immediately started exploring my ‘hood. I walked around quite a bit (heavily jet lagged and square-eyed, but still) and located the beach, the convention center and some good supermarkets straight away, score! By the by, I love how in most parts of the US I never get lost but in Amsterdam I always do. I say we introduce perpendicular streets with a numerological order here too and be done with this hassle of remembering street names and looking for directions!

And while we’re at it, you know what we should also introduce in the bigger cities? The Californian friendliness. It took me a few days to not be flabbergasted and reply with ‘ehh good thanks?’ to the question how I was doing or how my days was going. Seriously, people here ask and wait for your reply. I like!

The night of my arrival I went out for drinks with team Evolyfe ! I would like to take a moment here and recognize how epic it is to have friends, colleagues, like-minded souls to meet up with all over the globe thanks to the Internet and my website. It was great meeting James and talking writing, traveling (Vagabonds ftw!), online bizz and share our successes. That glass of wine after 36+ hours without sleep was not though, I had to admit the next morning feeling like ghost and having my first cold in 2 years (not counting Isa-induced sinus blockages and sneeze-attacks).

The beach by night <3

I was a trooper though and dragged myself out of bed at a decent hour to frolick around downtown and then head to the beach. I took my red IIN bag and water bottle with me and lo and behold: it worked! Within no time me and a group of other students sprawled out on the beach together, happy to have spotted one another. After a few hours we crashed a TED convention (shhh) and then went off to IIN’s happy hour!

Morning run to the beach & beach yoga <3

At the happy hour I got to meet my fellow European IIN students for the very first time, the ones I have been doing study groups and Skype meetings with over the last few weeks. This was so much fun! We also hunted down some other international students from other classes (Afrika represent!) and the Godfather of international students (lol) Martin who we, as one of the very few male appearances, locked in to our group for the rest of the weekend. With so many Yin, you need some Yang, ammiright?

Me, Leeni (adorable tall, blond & skinny Finnish girl. Oh wait, aren’t all Finns adorable, tall, blond & skinny?) and some other EU students opted out of going to raw vegan restaurant Au Lac after the happy hour because our jet lag took over, but we heard it was an absolute blast with the Chef, Ito, who hasn’t spoken a word in 5 years prepared special (and mysterious) elixirs and potions for them!

 Leeni & me :)

Health Coach Mega Conference : The World Is Ours!

I am seriously getting chills all over when I think back of this magical 2 day event (or maybe it’s just my body having to get used to being back in chilly Holland). When me and Leeni arrived at the conference center, it was a sea of red that had taken over Long Beach. The conference room was hustlin’ and bustlin’ with activity and some amazing and spot-on music was blasting through the sound-system (David Guetta’s ‘ The World is Mine ‘), a great precursor to the empowering and inspirational messages that came out way the entire weekend.

Joshua, the founder of IIN was a hoot, saying things like ‘fuck’ on stage and bringing his mom to the conference! You can really tell IIN is quite different from conventional nutrition school by all the love, compassion and fun that was spread around, and how the teachers ‘walk their talk’; instead of sitting still for hours we (all 3000-4000 of us!) we asked to stand up, stretch, meditate and even ‘OM‘ together throughout the conference. I loved it!

* Give-aways: red Toyota Prius with IIN logo, full refund of your college tuition (one student every week for a year!!!!), iPads, superfoods
* New IIN app to be released this summer to plan and manage your whole health coaching practice effortlessly
* IIN is now officially accredited for 40 study credits, counting towards your degree
* New Logo developer for all students
* Health coach directory for all graduates (interactive)
* Free cleanse packages for your clients to built your list (for immersion students and grads)

Mark Sisson: Primal Nutrition

“There are NO requirements in human nutrition for ANY carbohydrates! Grains are totally unnecessary.”

“Dont be scared of intermittent fasting – a handy device to burn fat!”

“In my opinion, grains are the worst thing that have ever happened to us”

“Fat is our preferred fuel source. Not carbohydrates.”

“We all WANT to do the right thing, but clearly what we’re doing today isn’t working”


Julia Ross: The Psychology of Addiction

“Sugar isn’t a food. It’s a high calorie drug”

“When sugar first started being produced, it was known as “crack” in France”

“Sugar is four times more addictive than cocaine”

“Sugar is as toxic to the body as alcohol”

“Certain foods are physically and emotionally addictive” (refined sugar, starches, chocolate, gluten, casein (dairy)


Geneen Roth: Feeding the Hungry Heart (overcoming emotional eating)

“It’s not about the food, but it’s not, not about the food..”

“If you want to see what you believe in, look at the food on your plate”

“Eat with enjoyment and gusto”


Gary Taubes: What Makes Us Fat

“Obesity is fat accumulation, not energy imbalance”

“If you do 1 thing for your clients, get rid of sugar.”

“The calories in / calories out method is meaningless. It’s true, but it’s meaningless”

“Overweight mothers with underweight children [in underdeveloped countries] pose a challenge to our belief systems.” (meaning, there is maybe another cause to obesity than overeating)

“Conventional wisdom is why were in the state of health that were in today.”

“Eat fruit except for grapes and bananas, they make you fat”


David Wolfe: ADD-ing In Strategy

[Eating grapes...]

“IIN teaches you HOW to think, not what to think”

“Not everything is for every body. It’s a trial and success method”

“I was on hamburgers back then…”

“40xs higher than wheatgrass in chlorophyl is CHLORELLA also detoxs heavy metals from body!

“When you’re green on the inside, you’re clean on the inside.”

“Paul Pitchford, Mark Sisson & David Wolfe debate; better than the presidential debate” – student

Rockstar David signing autographs after his presentation

Stay tuned for part 2!





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