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If you want to eat well, don’t land in the hospital! #Health #nutrition

Posted May 11 2012 11:06am

There are many reasons people land in the hospital. Lots of the medical issues people have can or could have been prevented by a healthier lifestyle. This lifestyle should help one stay outside the doctor’s office or hospital walls. Sometimes, however, it doesn’t matter how healthy you are-things just happen. Recently, I’ve spent some time in the hospital. Lucky for me, I’m on a “regular” adult diet. Hmmm… let’s think about that… “regular” adult diet. I’ve decided this means you can have whatever you want off the menu of mostly processed and poor quality food.

It’s been a while since I’ve eaten in a hospital. This is the first time I’ve eaten off a patient menu. While I can have “anything I want,” I simply can’t have REAL food. Being on the other side can give you a whole new perspective. Food is important to all of us. It nourishes us, it can excite us, and, while in the hosptial, it can provide a few moments that you don’t have to think about your surroundings. Unless you’ve unfortunately determined your not actually being provided REAL food.

My experience has become comical, so I’ll share a little hospital food humor with you…

Not sure which chef prepped this chef salad of brown crunchy water (a.k.a. iceberg lettuce) & maybe 1 oz of slimy deli meat… Yes, I called and sent it back.

Oh, and a side salad=1/2c crunchy water  + 1 cherry tomato (yes… just one).

This meal actually prompted the post… when does sandwich deli meat (with gravy?) EVER pass for roasted turkey & dressing? ICK.

Having spent some time working in food service, I know it’s hard work especially in a large facility, but it can be done well. Providing actual food that has maintained its quality versus overly processed food-like substances and diet/fat-free packaged products is absolutely possible. There are hospitals that I’m sure do a great job but, not where I’ve been. So, do your best to take care of you and stay out of the hospital! But, if you land there and you’re not so sure what has landed in front of you… ask for a small refrigerator and/or have your friends and family to help you stay healthy with REAL food deliveries. I have been very fortunate to receive REAL nutrition support :-) !

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