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If you're happy and you know it...

Posted Oct 23 2012 10:41pm
Clap your hands Blog about it! Right? Isn't that how the song goes?
Ok, maybe the original sounds better but that is the kind of mood I am in. HaHa...lucky you!
I am just happy today. Been happy for a while and it has just made me all scattered and unable to put intelligent thoughts together...
Ok, maybe that happens a little lot more often than just today, but umm...

Any way!

What was going to be a review for a great t-shirt from a couple of great ladies, is now going to be a quick look at some happiness from today. Sounds good to me!

This morning I belly danced. It is one of the workouts that I love! If you have never tried it, or you think it is something pretty easy...well, you might want to give it a whirl! I am having a minor big toe issue and have a race this weekend, so I thought the barefoot workout would be good. (yes, I self diagnose & medicate). Belly dancing is very empowering, it is hard to explain, but I encourage you to grab a DVD or take a class!
So here I am happy (and particularly crazy looking for some reason and I am not so sure why my teeth look all wonky because they are NOT like that in real life!)

My post workout beverage went a little something like this...
Because this also makes me happy and I think I am addicted...Apple Cider Vinegar! This is a normal sized jug, I swear! I am not sure what they recommend, but I am pretty sure I consume way too much of it, but it is SO good with some True Lemon and some SweetLeaf Stevia (the only kind I will use!). I know, lemonade with ACV but it is SO good!!
Oddly enough, my banana chocolate protein muffin did not last long enough for me to take a pic...oops!

I have said it before, I like what a lot of people think it "weird" food. I admit it, I don't apologize for it and I am going to keep on eating it! HaHa!
This is Broccoli Slaw covered in Nooch (Nutritional Yeast) and it is about to be roasted - Yum!
I didn't take an after picture because it isn't so pretty then. But good!

This was almost too pretty to eat! Really ripe strawberries and kiwi. Oh my gosh, it almost didn't make it through the day! I saved a little for breakfast tomorrow. Ok, I have strawberries left. The kiwi were just too darned good!

These may have been better than the fruit!
I have these amazing sweet potatoes that I keep forgetting about. So I sliced one up and sprinkled it with some cinnamon & stevia and stuck it in the oven (I have a roasting addiction). Oh my gosh...SO good!

Had a little Egyptian Licorice Yogi Tea to go with my sweet potato 'chips' and I was set for the night! I love Yogi Teas, have you tried them? So many flavors! I have a 'thing' for tea, as well as ACV and roasting stuff and running and Oh...

This amazing guy.
Yeah, I have a thing for him, too.
My day of happiness would not be complete without him. This silly pic of him on his Mt. Nebo run doesn't hurt either!

So that is my day. I am actually going to go to bed early tonight. Ok, going to go to bed and read the latest issue of my favorite Women's Running magazine. I seriously need to remember to get my subscription started. See...scattered!

I hope your day has been a good one, filled with happiness!
Do you have a particular workout that just sets the day right for you like belly dancing does for me?

Oh, and you can still vote for my blog! Click the little pink badge at the top right. Thanks!!
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