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If you're full of Sh*t you're not full of water

Posted Oct 06 2010 7:32pm
water. h20 the big splash, call it what you will but water is essential to your life.

It's actually best in to think of water as flowing because that is what you want it to do for your body and your health. You want water to be the river of health that cleans out the waste and refreshes the body.

Depending on your body and and circumstances you are up to 70% water. That's alot of flowing stuff.

There seem to be people who have an allergy to water. They say they hate the taste - blah, blah, blah. Crystal  Light is not a water alternative because it's made of processed goo. Your body wants water.

Okay so typical water questions
How much per day?

8 glasses or 1.5 litres as an average for a normal day. You have not done a big workout or fun a marathon, you're just existing and walking to get to the car or the bus. If you exercise you need more. And yes you should be exercising.

Is there such a thing as too much water?

Yes. You don't want to overdue it. You body used energy and it has to process the water. So drink enough not too much and don't drink it all before bedtime - you'll be peeing all night.

Do coffee and tea count as water?

No. They don't. In fact for each caffeinated drink you have add another two glasses of water to replenish it, because they are dehydrating.

Why should I drink water?

Hmm. Well because you're made of water. So you want to give it good quality water to allow cellular waste, toxins and your bowel to keep things moving. Without water you end up with fewer bowel movements, hormones being recycled instead of being removed through excrement and loads of other yucky stuff you really don't want me to go in to.

My Water Guidelines:

  1. Have a cool, sexy, water bottle and carry it with you always. You love your water bottle. You covet your water bottle. Your water bottle is your friend. Be one with your water bottle.
  2. Start your day with a warm tall glass of water with lemon juice. It will jumpstart you liver and get things moving in your body. A fantastic everyday cleanse.
  3. Don't add sweet stuff to your water. Vitamin water is not water. colorful pretty powders are not good for your water. If you can't tolerate water on its own add lemon, lime or a teeny tiny bit of juice to flavour it.
  4. Try to drink you water throughout the day. Don't have 1 glass in the morning and then all the rest before you go to bed. It's about hydrating throughout the day.

Water helps you maintain a healthy weight, beat food cravings, keep your bowel moving and your skin looking fresh. So drink up!

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