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If you can’t beat ‘em, and you can’t join ‘em, take a Benadryl and hit the Hay…

Posted Mar 13 2010 10:02pm

ok,  maybe not the best advice, but what can I say?

So I finally made it back from my mama’s house and feel so much better than when I arrived there on Thursday morning. It was nice to be home, but unfortunately the real world called me and told me to get my butt in gear. So I studied a little bit and did a little grocery shopping. Being sick has made me realize that, while I cannot prevent someone sneezing on me or contracting a nasty virus, I can do more to make sure I am one tough omega-3, high fiber cookie ;) … I am hopefully set for the week! My mom sent me home with some orzo and homemade sauce…yuuuummmm.

When I unpacked everything, I went to work on my fruit salad.

ORGANIC grapes, strawberries and pineapple!! I love it!


Anyhoo, I am home resting while my roomies and most of the people in their twenties in the tri-state area are celebrating St. Pattie’s day early… oh well.  No, seriously, I need this time to rest. Tomorrow I have a ton to do.  I’ going to put on a happy face, take some Benadryl to stop my happy face from looking too rash-ridden, and watching a lil’ food network. Life is good.

Have a wonderful night everyone… Stay safe out there!

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