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If you’ve been hanging around Healthful Bites for a while,...

Posted Oct 25 2010 6:55pm

If you’ve been hanging around Healthful Bites for a while, you know that I adore planks . An effective, crunchless core move? Sign me up. So today I have three new exercises that are spinoffs on the traditional plank

If you’re interested in tacking on more of a cardio challenge to the plank walk-outs, add a jump once you return to standing. (Ready to kick it up another notch? Do the jump while reaching your arms to the sky!)

During the elbow-to-knee planks, try to keep your body in a straight diagonal line from your shoulders to your heels. After examining the video, it looks like I need to focus a little more on keeping my rear in line! And during all of the moves, be sure to keep your ab and back muscles engaged throughout the range of motion to keep your lower back in control.

What is your go-to core strengthener?

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