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If We Have Free Will and We Use It To Put Our Mind in a Box, Are We Free?

Posted Oct 13 2009 10:04pm

We have free will and we use it to terrorize and restrain ourselves. We attack our Spirit and our Truth when we embrace the collective lies and illusions of the ego, and allow them to control our actions.

We are not our ego. The ego is a thought in our mind that we have given authority to. The ego, our inner tyrant, who we created and have elevated to the status of supreme advisor, actually knows nothing.

Motivated by irrational fear, it perceives the world darkly, perpetually feels threatened, and, consequently, offers advice to us that cannot be trusted. Best we not put our faith in ego. Best we withdraw our identification with our ego.

Best we quiet its voice of eternal fear and rage by giving it no power, by using our free will to choose other thoughts about who we are and how the world works, healthier and wiser thoughts of love and acceptance to guide us, protect us and enrich us.

We repeatedly remind ourselves that we imprison ourselves by the thoughts we choose to embrace and nurture, and we enslave ourselves by delegating our critical thinking to others.

And so we withdraw our investment in lies, indoctrinated slogans and propaganda, all designed to limit and control our thoughts and actions, not liberate and expand them.

We remove our ego as our trusted advisor, having all the evidence we need that it has not served us well and never will.

We ignore or look past everything that could be perceived as an obstacle, listening only to nature’s guidance in the form of clues all around us that act as signposts, and intuitions that spring up from within us.

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