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Ice Tower

Posted Mar 01 2011 9:56pm

I’m still here guys, just powering through the last week before spring break. I have 2 more exams until freedom, yessss! Plus, I did well on my two exams last week.

This is gonna be quick because I’m bringing my parents to the airport tomorrow for their flight at 6. I’m hoping to use the early morning to run or workout or if I must – study.

Anyways, this weekend, I went snowboarding with my boyfriend & his roommate. My sister had won 2 free lift tickets, but we had to use them on the same day, so my boyfriend’s roommate used one, and we gave the other one away.

It was awesome (new snow!) but super cold. It felt good to get back out there, and my legs were tired by the end, as always. The best part was the ice sculpture we saw on the drive back home. It wasn’t really a “sculpture,” but a waterpipe broke, creating a GIANT block of ice.

For size comparison:

I hope you guys like my flannel too, it’s the most comfortable pair of lounge pants I have.

Internship Update

I’ve talked about my internship at RunVermont a few times , but so far, it’s great! Basically, I love it because…

1.) The 8 people who work there are funny, easy to talk to, helpful, and awesome. Plus, one of them brings in her baby for staff meetings, and he is so cute to look at & play with!

2.) Most of them run, or at least workout. One of them is a crazy ultramarathoner who lives running up mountains, and another has run reallyyy fast marathon times in the past.

3.) There’s a gym downstairs in the same building that I can take free exercise classes. Since I won’t have classes at my school gym next week, I’m planning to go to some cycling & yoga classes there.

4.) They get a bunch of running magazines I can read.

Oh hey, my kangaroo from my amazing Australian friend wants to say hi

Can’t wait to see her in June again, ahhhh!

5.) I’m working on a youth fitness/running/health program. I had the suggestion of a kids blog (the marathon already has its own blog) to post recipes and info that is kids-focused. I also wanted to feature some of the kids in posts. Obviously if this happens, I’ll give you the link to check out!

6.) So, if anyone wants to come run an incredible marathon in May, sign up & we can hangout. You could be a VIP because I’m important on race-day. I could maybe get you some cool free stuff. Who’s interested? Look how pretty the race location is:

Foods News

In my food science class, we have a weekly lab where we cook a meal and do a sensory evaluation on it based on appearance, texture, flavor, etc. We’ve made some good meals, like last week four types of macaroni & cheese and braised carrots. It’s also perfect because it’s right during dinner.

The only problem I have is most of the stuff we cook isn’t exactly healthy. I know it’s food science instead of nutrition, but since most people are nutrition students, I wish we could cook a little healthier meals.

It’s also not very vegan or vegetarian friendly. I’ve eaten most of the meals, but there’s a vegan in the class, who has only eaten chopped veggies on one day. We didn’t eat anything today because we made chicken & pork, as well as butternut squash risotto. I was really excited about the risotto, until I saw it was cooked with beef broth. I wish there was a chance to cook some things with veggie broth, especially since each group makes similar products with a varying ingredient (heavy cream vs half & half, for example). This leaves me & the vegan student unable to fill out the sensory evaluation, as well as answer a few of the questions.

Ugh, I sound like I’m complaining, but it just frustrates me that a required class for nutrition is a foods lab that makes traditional, unhealthy meals. It would be helpful to have a lab day to go over substitutions to make products healthier or vegan. This would give us a base in food science from a nutrition perspective and allow us to teach our future clients cooking tips.

After I watched everyone eat while my tummy was rumbling, I quickly went to get my veggie-friendly dinner. I got a vegan dish of rice + veggies + tofu + a tangy sauce. Simple, yet so satisfying. Look at all those colors, too!

What’s something cool in nature you’ve seen lately?

Do you think food science classes should cook vegan/vegetarian meals?

Tell me something you love about a class/internship/job!

Check out Chelsea’s giveaway for a cookbook!

Check this cool idea out as well – running for a possible cupcake prize! I’m definitely signing up!

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