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Ice Ice Baby

Posted Oct 20 2009 10:05pm

It’s been a busy, but random.  I had plans of getting up early but the husband felt like studying until 1am last night which totally threw me off.  When we were in the city and my job was crazy he was always mad at me for staying up until 4am while he tried to sleep (especially difficult in our one room apartment!).  Here, where he is in medical school and I do nothing am not, the situation is reversed.  We have multiple rooms now but I’ve found I have a hard time falling asleep without him around – cheesy relationship moment alert!!!

When I did get up at 10 this morning I went straight to the phone for the next 3 hours!  I don’t know if I actually accomplished that much, but at least I got the ball rolling!  My hunger was totally off and I ended up eating the last serving of pretzels for breakfast!


Unhealthiness aside, here is a healthy tip: buy a food scale!  I’m not saying you need to be obsessive and measure everything you put in your mouth, but things like pretzel nuggets add up faster than you think – a serving of those bad boys is ONE ounce.  Once you are eating pretzels straight out of the bag for breakfast, there is no way you are going to pull out a measuring cup.  But plopping the bag on the food scale?  Easy.  (P.S. My scale read 1 and 1/4 oz, so with the weight of the bag I had a perfect serving left)

At 1pm – once I had at very least left a message with every single number on my list – I set out for the gym sat on the couch and kissed Adam and stole some slices of his turkey pepperoni.  I ended up pushing the gym back to the end of the evening in favor of going to the post-office and being dropped off at the Spot.  I worked on Chemistry by myself for a while before Caroline met me for some group studying.  By myself I got a late lunch.


A big diet coke and a turkey cajun  wrap (turkey, lettuce, tomato, pepperjack cheese, cajun sauce, ww wrap).


The salad looked over-dressed so I didn’t even taste it, but I demolished the sandwich.

During my social studying I also had a medium pumpkin pie latte (pumpkin, vanilla, cinnamon; 1pump syrup, skim milk).



Caroline dropped me off at home at 9 and after so very brief glancing at the magazines I got in the mail we set out for the gym.  It was about time too, I’d been rocking this look since 10am!


I always work out in baggy t-shirts but I went ahead and bought some running tank tops last weekend.  Somehow I feel more “official,” not that I look too fine in that picture!!  I’ll show you all of my new finds as I wear them; this one was $4 at Target.

On the treadmill I did 10minute warm up – 20minute run – 5 minute cool down.  In the end the totals were 3.25miles and 361 calories.  My legs are still crazy bothering me (my knees, hips, ankles often hurt but lately it is an intense pain in my calves!).  I did a lot of stretching when I got home and now I am trying icing them.


We’ll see how it goes.

I can’t believe I’m doing such a late recap post but considering that dinner just kind of never happened I guess it’s not that surprising!  I got a lot done today, but tomorrow is still going to be jam-packed.  We just found out our in-laws are visiting this weekend which makes this week even busier.  I’ve got to go deal with my ice bags and take a shower, see you in the am!

Do you ice?  Any tips for me?

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