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Ice cream challenge

Posted May 10 2010 11:14am

Hello friends,

Happy Monday to you all!

Well Michelle and I have been un-baking away these past few days working on some raw ice cream for the lovely Heathy’s raw ice cream challenge !

This was a challenge we were very excited about because we love ice cream especially raw ice cream ;) We love raw ice cream because it is easy to make, easy on the tummy, and easy on our figure!

Now we ended up doing two different ice cream cakes…once we made one the ideas of flavors started rolling in. Therefore we decided to make two and since there is two of us we thought it would be a great idea!

For the first ice cream cake we wanted a spring like flavor.

may 2010 p2r blog 117 Layered strawberry, mesquite, lemon ice cream cake with decorated ice cream cones and topped with strawberry ‘whip’ cream!

We knew strawberries are in season therefore that created the first idea of flavor (great for spring) and we just love lemons so we thought it would go well with strawberries. Than the middle flavor was just something we thought of at the last minute. We took Heather’s basic vanilla ice cream flavor and add some mesquite to it. Though the final mesquite flavored ice cream was not as strong ‘mesquite’ flavored as we would have liked therefore next time we plan on increasing the amount (we love mesquite)!

may 2010 p2r blog 136 And the ice cream cones that we made on top for decorations we took Heather’s buckwheat crispies and added flax meal to them and dehydrated them. Then cut out into ice cream cone shapes :)

may 2010 p2r blog 138 This spring inspired raw ice cream cake was delicious! Creamy and full of flavor!

may 2010 p2r blog 142 Would you like a slice? Now doesn’t raw  ice cream cake sound delicious on a hot spring day!

Ok now for the second flavored ice cream cake!

Now this was inspired by the talented Kristen .

Michelle made her cherry bomb shake a few weeks ago and raved about the flavors. Therefore we decided to take Heathers basic chocolate and vanilla and flavor them using the cherry bomb’s flavors!

may 2010 p2r blog 223

Cherry Hemp Seed Chocolate layered ice cream cake!

may 2010 p2r blog 215

We sprinkled the top and outside of the ice cream cake with grounded hemp seeds and coconut flakes. And we pipped the top of the cake with some cherry banana kreme.

may 2010 p2r blog 227 We also left some whole cherries in there! Yum!  Check out the 4 layers of goodness ; )

may 2010 p2r blog 239

Texture is rich and creamy!

may 2010 p2r blog 246 Heather and Kristen I think you both would have loved this raw ice cream cake ;)

may 2010 p2r blog 248

I never really realized how much I really enjoyed chocolate and cherries together and the hemp seeds give it such a nutty flavor! Love it!

Have you made a raw ice cream cake before? Or any ice cream cakes for that matter? If so, what flavor combos have you done?

What is you all time favorite ice cream flavor?

Mine would be plain chocolate or mint. Michelle is hands down mint!

But this chocolate cherry hemp cake is pretty close to being my favorite :)

After doing this ice cream challenge really helped Michelle and I remember how much making raw ice cream is easy and tons of fun! And Heather’s recipes are easy and taste amazing! And you do not even need an ice cream maker – we do not and they turned out great! Thanks Heather for putting together this great challenge!

Also we forgot to mention this amazing mother yesterday ! Sorry beautiful lady you know we love ya and that you inspire us everyday!

And check back in tomorrow for our new workout plan of attack and a great words from a dear friend !

Till next time,


Pure2Raw Twins

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