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I will make to the store today. I will make it to the store today.

Posted May 26 2010 5:39am

This is my Wednesday mantra.  I have nothing left to eat at home, but between all the busy-ness of the last few days, I haven’t been able to make it to my happy place… the grocery store :) .  Which is evident from my breakfast…

I took my last Chobani out of the fridge (blueberry) and added extra frozen blueberries on top.  Then I looked around for some quality carb to go with it, and all I could find was this:

Between my laziness and lack of time, I decided not to cook these wonderful steel cut oats, and instead measured out 1/4 c and poured it on top of my yogurt!

I mixed it all up, and it was actually OK! However, I am in need of a new breakfast for days where I’m not up for scrambling egg whites… maybe I’ll try these overnight oats I keep hearing about. One more shot of my no cook b’fast:

On a non-health related topic… I’m due for a phone upgrade! I have loved my BB Curve and blackberry messenger is my best friend, but I’m leaning towards an iPhone for blogging purposes.  Does anyone use their iPhone to blog? My best friend says she has problems using facebook and commenting on blogs through her iPhone… anyone else have these problems?  Plus I hear there will be a new iPhone released in a  couple months… should I wait for that one?I’d love some feedback.  Especially because I am fairly impulsive and may go get one later today ;)

411fit stats: 329 calories / 68% carb / 8% fat / 24% protein… 411 fit is mad at me and telling me I need more fats… perhaps it doesn’t remember last night’s dinner ;)


Thanks for the iPhone feedback… I resisted going to AT&T and am going to try and wait until the new version comes out (if I can wait that long).  It’s been a busy morning, so I had a snack on the run…

and one thing ran into another and before you know it, lunch time!  I planned on making it home for lunch, but I didn’t make it… hunger won, so I treated myself to Salsaritas (again, with the Mexican food theme… YUM).

Black beans and shrimp over romaine (no shell) with salsa fresco, onions and guacamole.  Instead of dressing, I use salsa. It’s pretty much one of my favorite lunches if I’m out!

I even was able to squeeze in a quick trip to BJ’s Wholesale.  Does a quick trip even exist in these places? Well, I tried my best.  I needed paper towels and other ‘bulk’ goods, so to BJ’s I went.  Luckily I was full from lunch so I was able to breeze on by all those sample stands handing out pizza and sausages, and grab some essentials. PS- guess who now carries Chobani?!

That’s all for now… I’ve got a busy afternoon ahead, and will probably be sipping on an iced coffee somewhere along the way… so I’l catch ya after dinner! PS- any other iPhone vs Blackberry advice? Or inside tips when the new iPhone will come out? I heard possibly an announcement in June?! :D


Whew… what a busy and great day!  Snack this afternoon was a few crackers and hummus… BJs had Sabra (which I reallllly like), but only had it in classic. I usually get supremely spicy, but classic will do for now :)

After a busy afternoon, and Hubbs arriving home early, we decided to relax with some tennis. We rode our bikes to the courts and played a bit… I almost won the set! But didn’t :( 7-5.  It was still fun though!

After tennis we rode home and jumped into the lake to cool off.  We swam to the shoal in the middle and back (Koda joined us).  After all that, I was ready for some fooooooood!

Hubbs fired up the grill…

Isn't he cute? ;)

while I cut up asparagus and sweet potatoes for our sides.  I made my favorite…

sweet potato chips!

3 small-medium sweet potatoes, sliced fairly thin

1 tbsp olive oil




garlic powder

Heat oven to 400 degrees. Brush both sides of sliced sweet potatoes with olive oil and place in single layer on a (nonstick) baking sheet. Sprinkle of spices (less cayenne if you don’t like SPICE).  Bake for about 25 minutes, take out, flip “chips” over, sprinkle that side and put back in oven for another 20-30 minutes (keep an eye on them at the end to prevent burning).  Enjoy! Some are crunchy, others are chewy, but all are delish!

The final product…

I ended up eating only 1/2 the chicken breast (dipped in a little Texas Pete wing sauce (have I mentioned I love spice?) and giving the rest to Hubbs.  I went back for 2nds on the asparagus- it was delicious!- and had a few more ‘chips’ too.

Now I’m happily full and exhausted. Maybe I’ll go watch the DVR’d episode of Glee I have… still deciding how I feel about that show. But I think I like it :)

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