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I was stopped by a cop while riding my bike

Posted May 02 2013 5:00pm

My knee is still not up to par so I’ve been doing more walking and biking lately. I tried running on Monday, but barely made it a mile before my knee was hurting and had to stop. Pretty upsetting, but I knew it was going to happen considering how bad it hurt during the marathon.

I ordered some new Mizuno Wave Riders and got them today. I think my other two pairs are pretty worn out and maybe a new pair will also help the knee situation. I’m pretty much a fan of the bright/bold colorful look of shoes these days! (I also have purple&red and turquoise&lime). Can’t wait to take these for their first run!

0502131434   0502131436

Today the boys & I went on a bike ride. About 40 minutes into my ride I noticed a cop car coming my way. When I first saw the car I was thinking to myself – wait, is it a law to wear a helmet here? Do the boys need helmets? That would suck to get a ticket for not wearing helmets! Is it a law? No, can’t be. …etc.

The police car passed by – phew – and I forgot about it. Until 30 seconds later, that is, when it turned around and pulled into a driveway in front of me. That’s when I thought… “OH MAN! What did I do? Was I seriously going to get “pulled over” because I didn’t have helmets on? You’ve got to be kidding me!”

As I got closer, he rolled down his window and I turned off my music (playing quietly in one ear, I could still hear my kiddos – don’t worry) and stopped next to his car.

He said, “mind if I ask you something” – GULP! – 

“uh, sure”

“I see you like to bike. How would you like to help us out.”

“uh…maybe…with what?” (I was still very skeptical about the situation)

Then he proceeded to tell me about the Montana Special Olympics and how there is a torch run all across Montana (about 2400 miles). The law enforcement is in charge of it and he was recruiting me to run/bike a leg of it in our town.  Totally random, but pretty cool. I didn’t know they even did that, let alone when or where the Special Olympics were. So I agreed and will be biking (or running if my knee is better by then) a leg of the torch run for the Montana Special Olympics.


I love that I can use health and fitness (my favorite subject/s) to do service and help promote a good cause. I’m really glad he stopped me and told me about it. Now I just need to get some sponsors to donate a few bucks for every mile I do (don’t know how many that will be yet) to support the Special Olympics . [I’m pretty sure The Baxter Boy is going to be a sponsor!]

image image

Oh, and my boys were TOTALLY being shy and wouldn’t even smile at the police officer. But he was really nice and gave them some fun “toys” to play with (they are reflectors with flashing lights).

0502131122 [little B man was snoozing by the end of the ride]

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